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Planned features

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The features listed here are planned for future versions of Kerbal Space Program. This list may change during the course of development. If a feature is present in a mod, there will be a link to the mod.


Future releases

This section lists all planned features for future releases. Entries highlighted in Green have already been added to the game, or shall be in the next known update (soon). Entries in Yellow have been partially implemented. Please note that these features are not a commitment, and the dev team is not under any obligation to implement them all.

Flight Operations

  • Better parachute control[1]
  • Trajectory/Orbital Display UI [
  • Full map view with 3D trajectory/orbital information
  • Abort Sequence, for emergencies
  • EVAs
  • Switching between multiple ships
  • Docking
  • Time acceleration [2]
  • Internal and Camera views (virtual cockpit pending confirmation)
  • Crew Tasks: Have the crew take charge of controlling the ship (provided they can handle it)
  • Save/load game during the flight

Space Center

  • Astronaut Complex : Hire and train kerbonauts
  • Research and Development : Discover and Improve Parts (from a tech tree)
  • Part recovery[3]
  • Runway : to land on or launch from (placeholder implementation added)
  • Spaceplane hangar : A secondary VAB, that allows for horizontal (belly-down) construction
  • Mission Control Room : Create flight plans and take on missions and challenges
  • Tracking Station: Keep track of orbiting objects and ongoing missions
  • Observatory : Discover new celestial bodies to visit

Spacecraft Construction

  • Exploded View : A schematic visualization of the ship, allowing for greater control over ship funcionality
  • Tweakables : Context menu when rightclicking on a part[4]
  • Stack Extensions : Fairings, structural reinforcements and solid-booster fuel plugs
  • Side-mounts : Liquid-fueled parallel stages, drop-tanks and cargo pods
  • Spacecraft Stats: Total Weight, Loaded Fuel (per Stage?), Thrust (per Stage)

Physics / Dynamics

Scenery / Graphics

  • New, quadtree-based terrain engine,
  • Clouds (weather?)
  • Static Particles (cloudlets)
  • Long-duration smoke trails
  • Fuel-dependent larger explosions
  • Asteroids
  • Other moons /planets
  • Better scenery for space center scene
  • Matching launchpad scenery in flight
  • Cities and other geographic points of reference
  • Space Center Facilities can be destroyed by crash-landing onto them, and fixing them will cost you.[5]


  • More and better sound effects
  • The KSP Soundtrack

Game / Engine

  • Settings Screen
  • Input Mapping
  • In-Game Settings screen
  • Joystick/Gamepad support
  • Mac OS X Support
  • OSC Data Interface, for connectivity with external applications
  • Faster game loading


  • A more complete SDK and documentation
  • Normal map support for part textures
  • More modding opportunities than just parts