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Habitation module

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A habitation module or crew cabin is a part which can hold several kerbonauts but is not itself a command module and thus passive.

Available habitation modules

Image Part Radial size Cost
Max. Temp.
PPD-10 Hitchhiker Storage Container.png
PPD-10 Hitchhiker Storage Container Large 4 000 2.5 2 000
(1 000)
6 50 Crew Crew Crew Crew
Mk1 Crew Cabin Small 550 1.0 2 000
(1 000)
40 50 Crew Crew
Mk2 Crew Cabin.png
Mk2 Crew Cabin Mk2 4 200 2.0 2 000
(1 400)
45 50 Crew Crew Crew Crew
Mk3 Passenger Module.png
Mk3 Passenger Module Mk3 30 000 6.5 2 700
(1 500)
50 50 Crew Crew Crew Crew
Crew Crew Crew Crew
Crew Crew Crew Crew
Crew Crew Crew Crew