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Planned features

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The entries on the following list must be properly cited to ensure verifiability.

The features listed here are planned for future versions of Kerbal Space Program and may change during the course of development.

This list is not an official road-map for KSP. It is maintained by the community, and has no direct relation to what may or may not be included in the final product. Already implemented features can be found in the version history.

Future features

Current version: 1.0.4

This section lists all planned features for future releases. Entries highlighted in blue are planned for the next update (Soon™). Entries in yellow have been partially implemented. Entries in green are already in development but are not expected for the next update or are that huge that there are multiple updates incrementally adding that feature. Orange is for the questionable features - had pros and contras, or simply unconfirmed.

The entries on the list are not a commitment, and the developer team is not under any obligation to implement them all. These features may be pushed back or implemented on another way then suggested here, or cancelled altogether.

The next version is expected to 1.1, and will among other things update the game engine to Unity 5.[1]

Flight operations

  • Enhanced IVAs: Moving and interacting inside of the craft[2]
  • Repairing: Ability to repair certain things. (Already partially added in 0.90)[citation needed]
  • More Prebuilt crafts, for tutorials or as examples[citation needed]
  • Autopilot system (Partially achieved by 0.90.0, now a "Pilot" Kerbal can orient a craft to certain points, e.g. Prograde)[citation needed]
  • Upgraded staging UI[3]

Space Center

  • Upgraded UI for buildings[4][5]

Spacecraft construction

  • Spacecraft stats: Total weight, loaded resources (per stage?)[6]
  • Exploded view: A schematic visualization of the craft, allowing for greater control over the craft's functionality[citation needed]
  • Solid-booster fuel plugs[citation needed]
  • More parts for moon bases and space stations[citation needed]
  • New antennas[8]

Celestial bodies

  • Maxmaps has gone on record with claiming new planets are, "a big maybe."[13]

Physics & dynamics

  • Wind & turbulence conditions[citation needed]
  • Damage effects[citation needed]
  • New lighting system with better shadows[citation needed]
  • Enhanced physics for wheels[4]

Other game features

  • Life-support systems (presently not confirmed, but has been considered for future inclusion)[14]
  • Resources beyond present scope (Fuel, Oxygen, Electricity, etc.)[15] (available with mods)
  • Probe telemetry[8]
  • Antenna relay networks[8]
  • A new/better Application Launcher[16][5]
  • Three stock apps: MessageSystem, Contracts and the Engineer’s Report[16]

Scenery & graphics

  • Procedurally generated craters (Mun in 0.21)[17]
  • Cities and other geographic points of reference[citation needed]
  • Clouds (weather?)[citation needed]
  • Static particles (cloudlets)[citation needed]

Game & engine

  • 64-bit support: Windows (0.24) and Linux are supported.
  • Engine update from Unity 4 to Unity 5.[18]
  • Multiplayer[19][20]
    • Squad is committed to add multiplayer to the finished game after the success of the user created mod KMP, or Kerbal MultiPlayer. Squad says “Multiplayer is something we had planned to do after it was all said and done, but it’s time for us to start looking at it now”.[21] With 0.24 Squad specifically states that they working on the first steps to add multiplayer after career is finished.[22]
    • KMP is a multiplayer system that has been replaced with DMP (As of 0.23.5). The mod is no longer available to the public.[23]
  • OSC data interface: Connectivity with external applications[citation needed]


  • A more complete SDK and documentation (you can help by adding to the wiki!)[citation needed]


  • Expansion packs/DLCs (different from updates, will be purchased separately and include features distinct from the original game's main idea)[24] (Partially implemented by the official Squad mods Kerbin Cup and Asteroid Day)
  • [More] Merchandise[25]

Not planned or shelved

The following features have either been confirmed or suggested to not be in the official game, or have otherwise been paused or shelved due to scope changes or other considerations. A few, such as autopilot systems, weapons, and mining, are already available via mods.

  • Steam achievements[26]
  • Competitor/rival space agencies[27]
  • Realistically sized celestial bodies [28] (Available with mods)
The new EVA suit
  • New EVA suits (New high-poly model will be used only for cinematics)[29][30] (Available with mods)
  • Weapons or military features[citation needed] (Available with mods)
  • Autopilot systems[citation needed] (Available with mods, is partially achieved by 0.90.0)
  • Alien civilizations[citation needed]
  • Terraforming[citation needed] (Available with mods)
  • Conversion to a different game engine.[citation needed]
  • Mobile version.[citation needed]

Web Services

Feature Status
Mac Fixes
  • .app packaging (Finder-compatible)
  • Clipboard support
In progress
Auto-resume interrupted downloads In progress
Downloads through BitTorrent (long-term) Planning
Load-balanced Repair Packages Feasibility Analysis


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