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Technology tree

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The entire tree as of 0.25

The Technology tree allows the player to unlock more advanced parts for constructing variously lethal craft. The tree is structured as a series of nodes, each containing a set of parts. Previously collected Science points have to be spent to research each node before its parts can be used in the VAB and SPH. Each node has a prerequisite node or nodes which must be unlocked before it can be researched. Unlocking the entire tree requires 10098 Science.

The tree is accessible via the Kerbal Space Center Research and Development Facility's “Technology” tab. As part of the Science system, the Technology tree is not available in Sandbox Mode; instead all parts are automatically unlocked.

There are additional nodes in the stock game which are not included in the table below, and have no parts assigned to them. The nodes appear at the end of the Tech Tree, cost 1000 science each, and are only displayed when a mod (or mods) are installed which use them. These nodes are (going vertically down the tree) Experimental Rocketry, Nanolathing, Experimental Aerodynamics, Aerospace Tech, Automation, Robotics, Experimental Electrics, Experimental Science, and Experimental Motors.


Precision Engineering is an example of a research node with prerequisites. It requires either Advanced Flight Control or Electrics be activated before becoming available.

The technology tree is displayed as a horizontal branching tree structure, with low tech research nodes on the left and higher tech nodes on the right. The root node of the technology tree, Start, is on the leftmost side of the tree and is active by default in all new Career Mode games.

By conducting missions and collecting science, the player may spend their science points on available research nodes. In Career mode, depending on difficulty settings, funds may also be required to unlock each part in the node. Only nodes that have had their dependencies activated are displayed on the technology tree. As the player activates more nodes, higher tech nodes will become available until the eighth tier of the tree is reached.

Most research nodes have dependencies upon earlier, lower technology nodes. For example, the General Rocketry node requires that the Basic Rocketry node be activated before the player may spend 20 science points to unlock its parts. Some nodes have multiple dependencies that require several nodes be activated before they become available. There are also research nodes that have multiple dependencies but only require one of them to be activated prior to becoming available. In case of career mode there is also a further restriction depending on the level of the research facility. The starting building allows only nodes under 100 ⚛, the mediocre allows up to 500 ⚛, and the final facility has no limits of course.

Research nodes

Icon Tree level Science required (⚛) Node name Requied node(s) Prerequisite for Parts list
1 0 Start None
Basic rocketry.png
2 5 Basic Rocketry Start
General rocketry.png
3 20 General Rocketry Basic Rocketry
3 18 Stability Basic Rocketry
3 15 Survivability Basic Rocketry
Advanced rocketry.png
4 45 Advanced Rocketry General Rocketry
General construction.png
4 45 General Construction
Flight control.png
4 45 Flight Control
Science tech.png
4 45 Science Tech Survivability
Tech tree heavy rocketry.png
5 90 Heavy Rocketry Advanced Rocketry
Fuel systems.png
5 90 Fuel Systems
Advanced construction.png
5 90 Advanced Construction General Construction
Tech tree aerodynamics.png
5 90 Aerodynamics
Tech tree advanced flight control.png
5 90 Advanced Flight Control Flight Control
Tech tree electrics.png
5 90 Electrics
Space exploration.png
5 90 Space Exploration Science Tech
5 90 Landing Science Tech
Heavier rocketry.png
6 160 Heavier Rocketry
Specialized construction.png
6 160 Specialized Construction
6 160 Actuators Advanced Construction
Supersonic flight.png
6 160 Supersonic Flight
Specialized control.png
6 160 Specialized Control
Precision engineering.png
6 160 Precision Engineering
Advanced electrics.png
6 160 Advanced Electrics Electrics
Advanced exploration.png
6 160 Advanced Exploration
Advanced landing.png
6 160 Advanced Landing Landing
Tech tree nuclear propulsion.png
7 300 Nuclear Propulsion
Advanced metalworks.png
7 300 Advanced MetalWorks
7 300 Composites Actuators
Advanced aerodynamics.png
7 300 Advanced Aerodynamics
High altitude flight.png
7 300 High Altitude Flight
Tech tree large control.png
7 300 Large Control Specialized Control
Unmanned tech.png
7 300 Unmanned Tech Precision Engineering
Ion propulsion.png
7 300 Ion Propulsion
Large electrics.png
7 300 Large Electrics Advanced Electrics
7 300 Electronics Advanced Electrics
Field science.png
7 300 Field Science
Tech tree very heavy rocketry.png
8 550 Very Heavy Rocketry
8 550 Meta-Materials
Heavy aerodynamics.png
8 550 Heavy Aerodynamics
Hypersonic flight.png
8 550 Hypersonic Flight
Advanced unmanned tech.png
8 550 Advanced Unmanned Tech
Specialized electrics.png
8 550 Specialized Electrics
Advanced science tech.png
8 550 Advanced Science Tech
Advanced motors.png
8 550 Advanced Motors Field Science
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