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Beta release
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Released 7/17/2014
Announcement Kerbal Space Program: First Contract Now Available
Steam Steam Community
0.23.5 0.24.1
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Version 0.24, called Kerbal Space Program: First Contract was released on July 17th, 2014. It introduces mostly new mechanics for career mode and rebalances mostly engines for the large size.


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  • Added Funds and Reputation as new career mode currencies.
  • Funds are required to launch vessels.
  • Part costs are now used in career mode.
  • Resources like liquid fuel and monopropellant now have costs of their own, which figure into the cost of a launch.
  • Tweaking a part's resource sliders in the editors will adjust the cost of the vessel accordingly.

Mission Control

  • The Mission Control facility is now active in career games.
  • Mission Control allows the player to select contracts, review them, and either accept or decline them.
  • Added Gene Kerman as advisor in the Mission Control screen, ready to give his opinion about what the player's doing.
  • The Mission Control screen also features an 'archives' tab, where previously-completed contracts can be reviewed.


  • Contracts require to complete objectives, in order to gain Funds, Science and Reputation
  • Once accepted, contracts must be completed before the deadline expires.
  • Contracts will fail if the deadline expires or if some critical parameter fails (like killing a Kerbal in a mission to rescue him).
  • Added procedurally generated 'mission briefings' for contracts, which may even make sense sometimes.
  • Contracts come in three levels of Prestige ("Trivial", "Significant" and "Exceptional"). Higher levels offer greater rewards and are usually more ambitious.
  • Reputation regulates the amounts of each level of contracts on offer.

Early 'Starter' Contracts

  • First Launch: Launch any vessel.
  • Altitude Records: Set a new altitude record.
  • Reach Space: Escape Kerbin's atmosphere
  • Achieve Orbit: Achieve a stable orbit around Kerbin.

Dynamically Generated Contracts:

  • Part Test: Perform a test of a part in a specific location, situation and within given flight parameters (when applicable).
  • Collect Science: Return or transmit any scientific data from a specific location.
  • Rescue Kerbal: Rescue a Kerbal who is stuck in orbit.
  • Plant Flag: Plant the Agency's flag on the surface of a given location.
  • Explore: Complete several exploration goals for an unexplored location.


The record seeking Kerbin World-Firsts Record-Keeping Society
  • Added Agencies, which offer contracts.
  • Each agency has its own personality traits, which affects the generation of the contracts they offer.
  • Agency Logos added from the winners of the Community Logo Design Contest.
  • Clicking the agency logo in the Mission Control screen will display extra info about the Agency.

Vessel Recovery

  • Recovering vessels now refunds for the value of recovered parts and resources.
  • Recovered value varies based on distance from the Space Center. Land at the Runway for 100% value.

Space Center

  • Added a universal time clock to the KSC scene UI.
  • Added a Pause Menu to the KSC scene, instead of leaving to the main menu immediately on pressing the Quit button.
  • The KSC Pause Menu allows saving and loading with a custom filename.


  • Added new UI Toolbar, which exists in all game scenes and is mod-friendly.
  • Added new UI Widget to display state of ongoing Contracts in Flight, KSC and the Construction Facilities.
  • Added new UI Widgets to display the current amount of Science, Reputation and Funds.
  • Added Messages UI App, shows messages about contracts and such.
  • Redesigned the Resources Panel from flight as a toolbar app, overhauled panel graphics.
  • Overhauled the old 'Science Summary' dialog into a complete 'Mission Summary', displaying information about recovered Experiments, Parts and Crew.



  • Added Windows 64-bit executable.



  • Added 'Science' Game Mode, where Science is the only currency and Mission Control is closed (as in pre-0.24 'Classic' Career).

Bug fixes and tweaks


  • Asteroids are now able to collide with other asteroids.
  • New launches now start with throttle set to 50%, like in older versions of the game.
  • Saving restriction when throttled up removed.
  • Timewarp restriction when throttled up removed. Engaging time warp now automatically cuts throttle.
  • Improved logic for detecting a vessel in 'orbiting' situations.


  • Fixed a bug in the editors where dragging a part off the ship and deleting it straight away would not generate an undo state.
  • Fixed a bug where ctrl+clicking over a part in the build area would not reveal the part in the parts list.
  • Orientation of VAB scenery rotated so spacecraft orientation is consistent at launchpad.
  • VAB Flag moved to the opposite wall.
  • Redesigned the Parts List UI 'Footer' section where the symmetry and angle snap options reside.

Tracking Station

  • Fixed a bug where map objects were created but never removed, leaving dozens of 'leaked' objects behind.

Space Center

  • Launchpad and Runway Launch Dialogs now show vessel costs.
  • Added 'Edit' Button to Launch Dialogs, which takes the player to the VAB or SPH to edit the selected vessel.
  • Launch Dialogs and Craft Browser now allow selecting vessels with 'invalid parts' (for editing).
  • Added new Pre-Flight Checks to prevent launching vessels containing invalid parts or with costs exceeding available Funds.

Solar System

  • Kerbin's Solar Day is now exactly 6 hours long (sidereal day is now 59 seconds shorter).
  • Slight optimization to Kerbin, Mun and Eve surface shaders.


  • Resource flow mode can now be defined for each propellant on Engine, EngineFX and RCS Modules in the part config.
  • Previously useless Engine Nacelle and Radial Engine Body parts have been repurposed as air intake + fuel tank combos.
  • Tweaked Costs for almost every part.
  • Tweaked Mass for several parts, especially spaceplane fuselage sections and structural components.
  • Fixed a potentially gamebreaking issue when activating a Separator if it was the root part of a vessel.
  • Fixed a bug where some particle FX (mainly on newer engines) would cause a stream of errors when the vessel was unloaded with the FX active.
  • Fixed a bug where StrutConnectors could cause hierarchy issues if linked in certain configurations.
  • ModuleRCS can now use multiple resources.

Tech Tree

  • Revised R&D node layout so 'control' type nodes have a more logical progression.
  • Moved basic RCS parts to tier 4 (from tier 5).
  • Added more connections into aerodynamic parts from other nodes on tiers 5 and 6.

Progress Tracking

  • Fixed an issue introduced in 0.23.5 where unowned vessels could complete progress nodes.
  • Fixed AltitudeRecord progress node (now used for contract generation).


  • Fixed crewmembers not being properly flagged as dead if their vessel was destroyed while unloaded.
  • Crewmembers are now keyed by name in the roster, and can properly be added and removed.
  • Added reputation reward and penalty for recovering and killing crewmembers.
  • Added new unique names for Kerbals, suggested by the Community Logo Design Contest winners.


  • Fixed issue with persistence when reverting to flight.
  • Added rich text support to several UI text fields.
  • Fixed several cases of texture point-filtering issues resulting in crooked text.
  • Fixed potential crash related to reentry FX on Linux when no depthtexture hardware support is available.
  • Overhauled all UI screens and text. All text fields using Arial font now use proper Calibri.
  • Exposed Gameplay difficulty options to the Alt+F12 Debug Toolbar.
  • Updated Credits Scene.
  • Fixed permission issues with KSPLauncher which prevented it from properly launching the game on Linux.
  • Messages displayed on the upper-right corner in flight are now displayed above the crew portraits instead.
  • Removed a 'rogue' tooltip from the Staging Reset button at the VAB and SPH.