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Destructible Facilties at KSC:

Crashing into buildings at KSC can now cause them to collapse, which although satisfying, is very counter-productive to the Space Program.Destroyed Facilities won't function until repaired, although most facilities can still operate with some degree of damage.Repairing broken facilities will cost you in Career Mode.Added a new Context Menu to Facilities at KSC which show extra info and to repair when necessary.

New Explosion Particle and Sound FX:

We've added a huge new set of sounds and effects, which can be seen (and heard) whenever a facility at KSC gets destroyed or repaired.Part explosions have also been overhauled for much more violent and better-looking fireworks.

New Difficulty Options Menu:

A new panel is now available when starting a new game (and also through the in-game settings menu) to allow configuring difficulty settings, like whether or not crews can respawn, whether facilities can be destroyed, and several other parameters.

Administration Facility:

Added a new facility near the Astronaut Complex, and lets you access the Strategies screen.Added a new music track to play in the background of the Admin Facility, called "Stratejazz".


Managing your Career is greatly expanded with the addition of Strategies. Strategies let you take control over how your Space Program is managed, allowing you to tune it to best fit your own playing style.Space Program Department Reps: Meet Mortimer Kerman, your Finances guy, Linus Kerman, Science rep and Wernher's intern (because Wernher is too important to be bothered with these meetings) and Walt Kerman, PR representative who takes his job very literally sometimes, and Gus Kerman, head of Operations, who hopefully cleaned his boots before showing up this time.Strategies are of course, completely mod-friendly, and defined through cfg. So are the departments, in fact.

Crew Transfer:

Kerbals in the same vessel don't need a spacesuit anymore to switch seats. Just click the crew hatch and select Transfer to tell them to go sit somewhere else.

Spaceplane Parts Overhaul:

We've incorporated many parts fromthe very awesome SpacePlane Plus mod by Chris Thuersam (PorkJet), giving stock spaceplane parts a much needed overhaul.Many, many new parts: Wing sections, Control Surfaces, Air Intakes, Fuselage Sections and even Cargo Bays added.All parts in the Mk2 set were redesigned to be symmetrical in 3 axes. They also act as lifting surfaces too.The Mk1 Cockpit and Mk1 fuselage sets were also overhauled, and we've also added a new Inline intake part.Rebuilt all stock vessels using the new parts.Obsolete spaceplane parts replaced by new ones when applicable. (Delta wing, Structural wind, Wing Connector, Mk2 fuselages)

KSC Vessel Markers:

You can now see (and focus/recover) vessels landed near the Space Center directly from the Space Center scene. Markers will show their positions and expand to show extra information when clicked.

NavBall Vectors:

The Navball now shows all 6 vectors when in Orbit mode: Progade, Retrograde, Radial In/Out, Normal and Antinormal.Off-screen maneuver vectors now have an arrow which points towards them so they're easier to find.



Added a new stock craft, the Learstar A1: A hybrid multistage vessel that functions very much like the Shuttle did.

MapView Filtering state is now persistent.

Added a Full Throttle Key (Z)

New "Space Center" Button above the altimeter allows you to return to the Space Center without having to go through the Pause Menu.

Added MonoProp gauge to OMS engines on staging stack

Added 'Return to Editor' buttons to flight end dialog when Reverting isn't allowed (due to difficulty settings).


VAB and SPH scenes now show visible KSC facilities in their current states (as in destroyed).

Hold ModKey to override surface attachment in editors (when you want to stack to a node but can't because the part insists on sticking to the surface).

Crew Management:

Automatic Crew Hiring is now disabled depending on difficulty setting.


Tweaked the main terrain shader to use worldspace triplanar mapping on near detail textures. This means we now have enough texture accuracy to texture small rocks or even blades of grass. This is still an ongoing project though, not all Celestial Bodies use this new shader yet.


Entry Purchases in R&D are now required depending on difficulty mode.Added a 'Purchase All' button to purchase all parts after researching a node in R&D.Science Results in Sandbox Mode. They may not be worth much Science (or any at all), but running science experiments in Sandbox Mode will now show you the same results as in other game modes.Recovering/Transmitting Science Data requires an operational R&D Facility (as in not destroyed).


GameDatabase code tweaked to allow modders to write their own asset loaders.

Added GameEvents.OnCrewTransferred, fired from CrewTransfer and EVAs leaving and boardingAdded SCREENSHOT_SUPERSIZE parameter to settings.cfg to allow taking ultra-high-res (multisampled) screenshots.

Application Launcher added to tracking station (Messages and Contracts App visible).

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:

Fixed a small bug where entering the KSC scene for the first time in a session would cause it to jitter from FP inaccuracy. This fixed itself after going into other scenes, but was annoying nonetheless.

Tweaked text on Editor Cost Widget, so characters align with the Funds widget below.Funds Widget now has commas to separate groups of 3 digits.

Fixed a bug in the Editor which prevented some parts from attaching properly to n-couplers using symmetry (like the RamJet Turbines)

Added an "Addons&Mods" button to the Main Menu, that will take you to KSP's official mod site.

Massive reorganization of the part folders in the GameData directory.

Inline Reaction wheel rescaled to size 0, since it was redundant with the Advanced Reaction Wheel module before.

Cupola Part mass changed from 4.5 to 1.76. Total mass (with full monoprop) is now 1.8

Tweaked the intake area of several intakes for better consistency.

Fixed Experimental parts not being available in cases where the node was researched but the part itself not purchased.

Set up a transition matrix system to bypass unnecessary loading screens on some scene transitions.

Improved number formatting on all Contract values, from "F1" (123456789.0) to "N1" (123,456,789.0)

Overhauled the in-game settings dialog UI, which was sorely in need of some attention.Removed useless 'None' option for Docking Lin/Rot state when assigning a key or axis in the Input Screen.Revised and updated in-game and readme credits.

Fixed mouse detection for KSC facilities not working if camera was zoomed too far out.

Fixed a bug where crew portraits would draw out of place after switching vessels.

Fixed a bug which could cause a general game breakdown on rare occasions when vessels planted themselves into the ground.

Fixed Index Out of Range exception and general crash on moving to flight after deleting a crewed part in a certain way.

Kerbal recovery reward set to zero for the time being, to stop reputation exploit from recovery at the launchpad.

Mk2 Cockpit renamed to Mk1 Inline Cockpit (makes a lot more sense, since it was a Mk1 type part anyway).

Fixed several cases of UIs not stopping mouse clicks on objects behind themselves.Fixed a bug on OSX which made it impossible to open the Crew Hatch Dialog and possibly other dialogs too.

Contracts App panel is now scalable in the VAB/SPHFixed missing title bar on VAB/SPH on larger resolutions

Fixed a bug with rescaleFactor parameter in part.cfg when a MODEL node was used.

Fixed scaling issues with OMS Engine.Fixed vessel airlocks becoming falsely obstructed sometimes on certain ship design.Upgraded all parts using deprecated Winglet subclass to use ModuleLiftingSurface instead.

Fixed minor visual issue with galaxy backdrop.

Moved over ion engine and xenon tanks to Propulsion from Utility.

Fixed Staging input locks not clearing if leaving the Editors while hovering over staging icons. (resulted in total game freeze)

Improved GUI skin for input page in Game Settings scene.

Editor sidebar panel transition speed increased.