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Version '''1.0''' was released on April {{date|27}}, 2015. The update is known as "We Have Liftoff!", referencing the fact that 1.0 is the official release.
== New ==
=== [[Editor]] ===
* New [[Engineer's report]] Toolbar App, provides warnings and advice during construction, notifying players of possible design issues with their ships.
* Added 'Cross-Section Profile' Filter to Parts List.
* Added Thumbnail images for Craft files in both Launch Dialog and Craft Browser screens.
* Added 'Merge' button to Load dialog, allowing ships to be loaded without replacing the current one. The craft loaded will be shown as a subassembly.
* Added confirmation dialogs when overwriting a save, launching or leaving editor without saving.
=== [[Atmosphere|Aerodynamics]] ===
* Complete overhaul of the flight model.
* Lift is now correctly calculated and applied for all lift-generating parts.
* Drag is now pre-calculated automatically based on part geometry, and applied based on part orientation in flight.
* Both lift and drag are dependant on density and the speed of sound; both properly calculated from temperature and pressure.
* Stack-mounted parts can occlude each other for drag calculations.
* Lift-Induced drag now properly simulated.
* Stalls are now properly simulated.
* A new body-lift system meaning parts can induce lift even if they are not designed to do so.
=== Heat Simulation ===
* Completely revised part heating model, energy flux is considered, not merely temperature.
* All game temperatures changed from 'Kervin' to proper Kelvin.
* Radiative, conductive, and convective heating and cooling are simulated.
* Parts can have individual radiative, conductive, and convective properties.
* All parts now emit a blackbody radiation glow if they get hot enough.
* Conduction between attached parts is more accurately modelled.
* Parts can occlude other parts from being exposed to sunlight, celestial body albedo/radiation and supersonic flow.
* Reentry/hypersonic flight heating is now simulated.
* Added difficulty Setting to scale aerodynamic heating.
* Atmospheric temperature, and thus density, takes latitude and sun position into account.
* Celestial bodies accurately emit thermal radiation making nearby craft warmer.
* Service modules, fairings and cargo bays can be used to protect parts inside from heat.
* Heat shields provide (finite) ablation-based protection for parts behind them.
=== Parts ===
* New procedural [[Fairings]] added, in 3 sizes.
* New Heat Shields added, in [[Heat Shield (1.25m)|1.25m]], [[Heat Shield (2.5m)|2.5m]], and [[Heat Shield (3.75m)|3.75m]] sizes.
* Service Bay parts added in [[Service Bay (1.25m)|1.25m]] and [[Service Bay (2.5m)|2.5m]] sizes.
* Several new Landing Gear parts added, in many sizes.
* Many New large airliner and shuttle style wing sections added.
* Large wing sections have internal fuel tanks.
* All old spaceplane parts overhauled with a more up-to-date style.
* Old Avionics Nose Cone overhauled and repurposed as a standalone, non-autonomous SAS module “[[CH-J3 Fly-By-Wire Avionics Hub]]”.
* New atmosphere scanner part added: “[[Atmospheric Fluid Spectro-Variometer]]”.
* New large inline [[xenon gas]] tank “[[PB-X750 Xenon Container]]” part added.
* New [[RT-5 "Flea" Solid Fuel Booster]] added.
* New [[fuel cell]] parts added (small and large), convert [[liquid fuel]] and [[oxidizer]] into [[electric charge]] when turned on.
* New models for [[Circular Intake]] and [[Ram Air Intake]] parts.
* New models for [[Engine Nacelle]] parts.
* Several new nose cones and tail sections.
* New [[A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.S]] part.
* New module for Airbrake parts, responds to Brakes input and can also be used as pitch/yaw actuator.
=== Internal Spaces ===
* Added new IVA space for the [[Mk1 Inline Cockpit]].
* Added new IVA space for the [[Mobile Processing Lab MPL-LG-2]].
* Added new IVA space for [[Mk3 Cockpit]].
* Added new IVA space for [[Mk3 Passenger Module]].
* Added new IVA space for [[Mk2 Crew Cabin]].
=== Resources ===
* Added [[Ore]] resource, which can be mined across the Solar System.
* New drill part “[['Drill-O-Matic' Mining Excavator]]” added.
* Ore container tanks added in [[Large Holding Tank|Large]] and [[Small Holding Tank|Small]] variants.
* [[ISRU Converter|ISRU Ore processor]] unit added, converts Ore into Liquid Fuel, Oxidizer or MonoProp.
* Three new Ore scanner parts added.
* Added new MapView overlays displaying Ore density for all Celestial Bodies.
* Support for moddability of resources added (including atmospheric and oceanic).
* New Difficulty Setting to scale resource abundance (both stock and modded).
* [[Asteroid]]s can also be mined for Ore.
* [[Engineer]] Kerbals are able to 'overdrive' drilling equipment for increased yield (and less safety).
=== Kerbals ===
* Female Kerbals added, with new randomly-generated female names.
* [[Valentina Kerman]] (Pilot) added to initial Crew Roster.
* Kerbals are now able to clamber onto ledges within reach, because their jobs weren't dangerous enough already.
* Kerbals can now climb out of ladders onto ledges.
* [[Tourist]] Kerbals added. They have zero skills, are unable to control vessels, and are required to keep their heads inside the vessel at all times.
* Kerbals now cost increasingly larger amounts of Funds to hire in Career Games.
=== R&D ===
* [[Technology tree]] completely revised. Several new nodes added; many, many parts reassigned for a better progression.
* Kerbal [[Scientist]]s are now able to restore inoperable experiment modules.
* The Science Lab has been retooled to run long-term research on experiment data, providing much higher amounts of science over time.
=== Graphics ===
* New Smoke effects added to Launchpads.
* New Surface Effects added whenever rocket engines fire near terrain.
* New Water Effect added whenever rocket engine fire near water.
* Revised all part shaders for improved rendering of lighting effects and shadows.
* Main Flight UI can now be made transparent.
=== Career ===
* Added new Tourism contracts.
* Added ISRU resource extraction contracts.
* Added Grand Tour contracts.
* Replaced Rescue contracts with Recovery contracts, which can ask the player to recover a part, a Kerbal, or both, and can spawn on the surface of planets, with "props" nearby.
* Added two 'immediate' Strategies to convert existing Reputation and Science into Funds.
* [[Kerbin World-Firsts Record-Keeping Society]] contract line now extends all the way out to [[Eeloo]], and is dependent on player progression.
* Record contracts are now always active, and will complete in order even over the course of a single mission.
=== Tutorials ===
* All tutorials revised and rewritten to explain most game features.
* Expanded Flight Basics Tutorial to cover the essentials of launching into orbit.
* Added new Return from Mun tutorial.
* Added new Science and R&D Tutorial.
* Added new Docking tutorial.
=== Flight ===
* 'Warp To' action added to orbit context menu. Allows warping to a specific spot along your trajectory.
* 'Warp to next morning' button added to KSC toolbar.
* Asteroids can now be found orbiting near [[Dres]].
* Engine thrust now varies according to Isp and throttle setting, instead of the other way around.
=== [[Controls]] ===
* Completely revised Input Mapping system.
* Flight input bindings is now much more straightforward and more flexible as well.
* Duplicate control bindings for Docking/Staging modes now replaced by a much more robust system based on secondary key bindings.
* Joystick Axes are now consistently enumerated and persist across sessions.
* Up to 10 joysticks with 20 axes each now supported.
* Added secondary channels for Axis Bindings.
=== Cameras ===
* New 'Chase' Camera mode added, old mode now called 'Locked'.
* Added Camera wobble/vibration effects during flight (engine vibration, explosions, ground roll, G-force, and many more).
* TrackIR support added to all game views (toggleable independently in game settings). (FreeTrack also reported to work).
* Added FOV control to main flight camera. (Hold ModKey and zoom).
=== Demo ===
The demo now uses 1.0 as a base. Demo restrictions include:
* Part loading limited to 26 basic parts.
* Career Tech Tree is smaller to fit the 26 parts.
* No Plugin loading.
* SPH and Runway Facilities are inaccessible.
* Only one save profile allowed.
* Cannot launch new flights if 3 or more are already in progress.
* Kerbin, Mun, Minmus, and Kerbol are the only celestial bodies in the Kerbol system.
* Revised tutorials and scenarios to be compatible with the demo set of parts.
* Removed the Station One and Mun Orbit scenarios as those require parts from the full version.
== Bug Fixes and Tweaks ==
=== Editor ===
* Fixed several issues with editor attachments, attachment node orientation and symmetry.
* Shift+Clicking a 'frozen' part in the editor will detach it from its parent.
* Fixed several bugs with cloned parts and persistence.
* The editor no longer requires a full scene reload to load new craft files.
=== UI ===
* The KnowledgeBase panel for Vessels now shows 'Max Accel' and 'Estimated burn time to 0m/s' (as shown on navball) fields.
* Several part context menu actions now properly apply to symmetry counterparts automatically.
* Added new custom cursors.
=== Simulation ===
* Fixed 'infiniglide' bug.
* Switching SOIs no longer causes the next orbit to change at high time warp rates.
* Added a warp speed limit when approaching an SOI transition.
* Kerbal EVAs should no longer fly off when disembarking in space.
* SAS now disengages autopilot modes automatically (and falls back to stability assist) in cases where the target vectors would change very rapidly.
* Parachute deployment should no longer cause vessel disassembly at high physics warp rates.
* Deployed parachute sway now actually has an effect on the vessel.
=== Parts ===
* [[LV-N "Nerv" Atomic Rocket Motor]] now runs solely on Liquid Fuel and has no gimbal.
* [[Oscar-B Fuel Tank]] can now be surface attached.
* Air-breathing engines now drain fuel evenly from all tanks in a vessel.
* Fixed radial decouplers not applying ejection forces correctly.
* Parachutes no longer cause massive G spikes when opening.
* Control Surfaces can now be deployed as flaps, controllable via context menus and Action Groups.
* Stats of Antennas revised for a proper progression with the more advanced models.
* Added nicknames to all engine parts.
* Revised and balanced part costs.
* Balanced fuel amounts for Mk2 and Mk3 tanks.
* Balanced engines (Isp/thrust/mass) in line with the new aerodynamics.
* Added fuel gauge to LV-1 "Ant" engine.
* Materials Bay now faces away from the part it's radially attached to.
* RoveMate rover body is now a probe body as well.
* The unshrouded solar panels are now non-retractable.
* Balanced probes electric charge usage, mass and crash tolerance.
* Lowered crash tolerance of the [[Structural Pylon]] to 70 from 999!
* All parts given 'bulkhead profile' tags in cfg files. Profile tags inferred automatically for parts missing this field.
* Cargo bays now properly detect enclosed parts, and can be grouped to make larger bays.
* Experiment Modules, Solar Panels, Antennas and such will not deploy while stowed inside a fairing or cargo bay.
* RCS thrusters will not function if stowed inside a closed cargo area (or fairing).
* Lifting surfaces will not generate lift if stowed inside a closed cargo area (or fairing).
=== Audio ===
* Much improved flight ambience sounds for Kerbin and other bodies with atmospheres.
* Added new sound effect when pulling high G forces.
* Eliminated audible gaps on several looping clips.
=== Effects ===
* Improved sound/particle effects for all Air-Breathing engines.
* Splashdown effects no longer spawn underwater.
=== General ===
* All part textures converted to DDS format, load times are now 3x faster.
* Fixed a serious persistence bug which prevented Scenario/Training saves from updating scenario modules properly.
* Fixed persistence bugs which caused state data from Upgradeable Facilities to carry over to other saves.
* Fixed an issue which caused Kerbals to not be generated randomly enough, which led to slowdowns with larger Crew Rosters.
* Fixed issues with the terrain during scene switching making scene load times faster.
* Fixed terrain scatter generation which was causing memory leaks.
* 'Elon Kerman' added to name pool.
* Crew name generator can now output 10,000+ female names.
* Fixed an issue with markers in the KSC scene potentially causing the game to lock up.
* Restructured GameData folder, integrated the NASA folder into the Squad one.
* Valentina Kerman added to Main Menu's Space scene.
=== Gameplay ===
* All contracts other than World Firsts or Records are halted until the player reaches space.
* Prevent "stacking" of various contract types.
* Resource parts added into satellite, station, and outpost contracts.
* Prose of contracts involving Kerbals re-evaluated with gender appropriate text.
* All contracts in career given balanced income for all three currencies.
* Science and reputation no longer scale with the celestial body of a contract, and are handed out more conservatively in general.
* All strategies in career given equivalent exchange rates.
* Aggressive Negotiations strategy given a discount on building repair/upgrade.
* Recovery Transponder strategy now lowers maximum recovery rate, while raising minimum recovery rate.
* Facility upgrade costs re-evaluated, lowered by about a quarter overall.
* Kerbals now properly receive experience for suborbital flights.
* Part Test contracts now request much saner flight parameters.
* Survey contracts choose much saner locations to survey.
* Sensor Experiment Modules are now able to perform experiments in all situations.
=== Debugging/Modding ===
* The R&D Tech tree is now defined in a cfg-file.
* The cfg file for the Tech Tree is defined separately for each save.
* GameVariables methods are now all virtual and can be overwritten by mods.
* Added a new set of debug tools to tweak Physics parameters.
* Added a new set of debug tools to tweak R&D tech tree nodes and part assignments.

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