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Version 1.10 named Shared Horizons with ESA, is a free update that release on July 1st, 2020.



  • Added the ability to fine tune fairings or use the existing, snap mode. This behavior reacts to the editor's angle snap.
  • Added ESA missions tutorial.
  • Adjusted the Remove Row button in KAL to only delete the row when clicking on the red cross, not the whole segment.
  • Fuel cells can be set started in the VAB or SPH for launch.
  • Drag cube debug information now available in VAB/SPH when show aero data in PAW debug option is on.
  • Improve drag cube system to handle Part Variants and Shrouds on the same part.
  • Add additional drag cube information to Debug Aero info in PAWs.
  • Persist Aero GUI UI debug window setting and Debug Aero info in PAWs setting between game sessions.
  • Performance improvements for engine module.
  • Performance and memory improvements for launching a vessel from the space centre.
  • Performance and memory improvements for part action windows by caching them.
  • Performance and memory improvements for reading and writing config nodes, so better performance for loading and saving.
  • Performance and memory improvements for undo and redo in VAB/SPH by caching stage manager icons.
  • Intended duplicated group-actions have a marker to distinguish the part side .
  • Converter actions now indicate resource type to differentiate them.
  • Performance and memory improvements for loading vessels.
  • Preview and select suits for Kerbals via the suit selector icon (coat hanger).
  • Performance and Memory improvements for game, craft and mission load dialogues.
  • Performance and Memory improvements for vessel loading.
  • Performance and Memory improvements for ModuleJettison in VAB/SPH.
  • The KSC's grass now changes according to the currently set terrain shader quality.
  • Revamped Jool, giving it a new animated shader and high resolution textures.
  • Laythe planet textures revamp. Low, medium and high quality terrain shaders.
  • ESA Collaboration missions implemented for base game.
  • Added EVA button to the crew transfer dialog. Functions the same as the crew hatch dialog EVA button.
  • Added the ability to have open-ended/uncapped fairings.
  • Sliders now display units in the Part Action Window where appropriate.
  • Optimized fairing mesh construction and exploded view heuristic by caching mouse position.
  • Reduced GC and unnecessary calculations performed for variants on fairings.
  • Reduced number of meshes and colliders for fairings to improve draw calls and standarize at 24-32 sides.
  • Added Marquee scrolling to a few PAW items for when the text is super long. Text is ellipsis in this case and on mouse over will move left then right.
  • Performance improvements in flight mode by caching variables in ThermalIntegrationPass and PartBuoyancy.
  • Hide UI elements that aren't being used and avoid unnecessary updates in flight mode.
  • Performance and memory improvements for DeltaV simulations.
  • Speed up craft loading and use less memory in VAB/SPH.
  • The PAW starts towards the outside of the screen instead of over the center of the rocket/screen.
  • The camera will not position itself at an appropriate distance when switching vessels to prevent the camera starting inside vessels.
  • KSP now has Comets!
  • Added two new contracts for comets.
  • Added surface sample science experiment for comets.
  • Comets can explode into smaller fragments while entering a CB's atmosphere.
  • Fairings can now be set to not auto-expand in SPH/VAB via a new PAW option.
  • Improve performance of splash FX in water by using combination aof close splashes and limiting how many occur in close proximity
  • Adjusted the "dark" them color to be more visible in the variant selector.