2HOT Thermometer

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2HOT Thermometer
Part image
Environmental sensor by
Probodobodyne Inc

Radial size Radial mounted
Cost (total) 900.00 Funds
Mass (total) 0.01 t [N 1]
Drag 0.2 [N 1]
Max. Temp. 1200 K
Volume  ?
Impact Tolerance 8 m/s
Research Engineering 101.png Engineering 101
Unlock cost 2 500 Funds
Since version 0.18
Part configuration sensorThermometer.cfg
Experiment Temperature Scan
Electricity required 0.0075 ⚡/s

  1. 1.0 1.1 The mass and drag are from the part config, but the game handles it massless/dragless.

The 2HOT Thermometer displays temperature to 4 significant figures when activated; the reading is displayed in Kelvin. When playing in career mode, it is available with Engineering 101, at the second tier the technology tree.


In general, temperature can rise while:

  • Approaching a celestial body hotter than space;
  • Entering an atmosphere; or
  • Firing engines

Temperature can be reduced through:

The 2HOT, however, measures ambient temperature. This can be used to determine temperature of the surrounding atmosphere, and sunlight will affect the measured temperature--but not in a consistent manner, as being in the shade can cause lower read-outs, but getting close to Kerbol does not cause a higher read-out.

The 2HOT can be used to earn science when exploring a celestial body, and it will continue to tell the temperature in real-time once activated. Science, however, is only generated when a reading is recorded (e.g., "Logged"), much like the PresMat Barometer.

Product description

This thermometer is definitely not a store-bought model with some wires stuck to it. Warranty void if an engineer admits it's actually a store-bought model with some wires stuck to it.

Probodobodyne Inc.


  • Changed tech from Basic Science to Engineering 101.
  • "PhysicsSignificance = 1" added. The part now has 0 mass and drag, despite the listed values.
  • Added functionality
  • Initial release