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ShipConstruction Class

The ShipConstruction class is used to construct ships.


The following are public properties available in ShipConstruction.

Signature Description
List Backups { get; }  ?
ConfigNode ShipConfig { get; }
int ShipType { get; set; }


The following are methods included in ShipConstruction.

Signature Description
void AssembleForLaunch(ShipConstruct ship, string landedAt, FlightState sceneState) Put the ship together and prepare it for launch. landedAt can be any string; it is only used to tell the ship where it launched from.
int CheckCraftFileType(string filePath)  ?
string GetShipsSubfolderFor(GameScenes scene) Gets the folder in which ships for the current scene are stored.
ShipConstruct LoadShip(string filePath) Load a ship. If filePath is not given, load the last ship used in the VAB.
void PutShipToGround(ShipConstruct ship, UnityEngine.Transform spawnPoint) Places the bottom of the ship at the specified point.