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Addons are modifications to the game that add either new parts or systems into the game that are not included with original install. They are made by the community and can greatly enhance your playing experience.

How to install addons

The simplest way is to copy over the folders to the appropriate directory in your KSP directory.

Most plugins come with multiple folders, usually housing the part and plugin files.


  • Tosh's Carts plugin zip file contains a folder called Carts134 (the last numbers are the version)
  • Inside of that folder are the folders "Parts", "Plugins", and "Source". There is also documentation called README_cart.txt
    • The "Parts" folder contains the actual ship-building parts you would see in the ship builder interface.
    • The "Plugins" folder contains the plugin .dll files that would support the plugin system implemented by Carts.
    • The "Source" folder is just the source code, and is only needed by modders wanting to see how Carts was made and maybe build from it (with permission/attribution, of course)
  • Since you only need what's in the "Parts" and "Plugins" folders, you can just unzip those folders to your main KSP directory. It will ask you if you want to overwrite/merge the folders and you would choose "Yes". They would then merge with your prexisting folders, putting the needed addon files in their right place.

All you have to do from there is start the game!

Uninstalling is just as simple as deleting the parts/plugins that were included with the mod. Note, any ships created with those plugins will not load next time you start your game.

Addon releases

Plugin-powered addons and parts

For add-ons that utilize plugins to support their core functionality.

Name Description Version Link Author
Kethane Pack Adds Kethane, a multi-purpose gas that you have to detect, mine, and refine. Currently Kethane can be pumped to other vessels for which then can convert their fuel into RCS or Liquid Fuel (with a Converter). 0.2.1 Forum Mechanical Mouse Industries
Romfarer Lazor System Adds lazors, which can assist in existing areas including vessel control, spacecraft/debris tracking, and map navigation while implementing new features such as a tractor beam, location marking, and teleportation! Beta 7 Forum Romfarer
Carts Adds rovers and other mobile vehicles to drive around planets on! Can turn on handbrake, cruise control, and lights. Even has a rover with fold-able wheels for a compact fit on a rocket. 1.34 Forum Tosh
MechJeb A plugin that adds a ton of in-flight information and automated operations. With it you can autopilot, see true altitude, and countless other features. (Version 1.9.2 has a broken "land at cordinate" link and bugs, version 1.9.3 does not and stable.) 1.9.4 Forum r4m0n
ISA MapSat A plugin powerd addon that allows you to map planets and moons, see anomalies, current position and many facts. 3.3.1 Forum
BobCat Ind. A group of addons dedicated for surface exploration and colonization, now with a dedicated plugin with additional functionality like electricity usage. Current releases include: Mk1 Archer, Mk2 Pretorian, Mk4 RAT, Mk 5 ANT, Charlie's Deli and Shoe Store (at the outlet), and the Falcon Jet. Various releases Forum Bobcat, Crashnburn, CleverWalrus, The Destroyer, BlazingAngel665, Sequence

Standalone Parts and Part Packs

For add-ons that provide additional parts for spacecraft and spaceplane construction without utilizing plugins.

Name Description Version Link Author
Payload Pack Payload pack gives you the ability to create a wide variation of different payload fairings with the a small amount of parts. 1.01 Forum Mechanical Mouse Industries
Deep Space Mission Pack This pack aims to provide parts for the upcoming deep space part of the game. 0.14 Forum kockaspiton

Down Under Aerospace & Party Supplies A collection that includes fuel tanks, engines, boosters, interstage/fairings and a few surprises. 0.4 Forum Slew
ExPI (Extraplanetary Infrastructure Currently there is a pack of space station parts and a pack of interplanetary probes which is under development. 0.4 Forum Pelf
JellyCubes Advanced Weapons R&D Advanced weaponry from the Advanced Weapons Research and Development division of Cube Corp. For all your intended explosive needs.  ? Forum JellyGoggles
KW Rocketry Mainly Fuel, Engine and Solid Rocket Parts. 1,2 and 3 meter parts and adapters. 0.5 Forum Winston/Kickasskyle
NovaPunch Remix Pack Very large parts pack, merger of two of the biggest and best rocket packs for KSP; SIDR by NovaSilisko and Wobbly Rockets by SundayPunch. 1.2 Forum Tiberion
The Truss Pack Rugged, practical and functional components. Includes many structural parts. 2.0 Forum Sherbetlemons

Tools and applications

For external programs that support Kerbal Space Program (e.g. Mod Managers, Orbit Calculators, etc).