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Advanced Grabbing Unit./Box

The Advanced Grabbing Unit (AGU), or The Klaw, is a medium-sized docking device which can couple to an asteroid (or any surface, really) without a docking node in place. As the name probably implies, this new part is the means by which asteroids can be captured to be redirected. Just arm the device, approach the target carefully, and the claw will do the rest. It's like a docking node, but without the need for a mate node on the other side. Better still, the AGU can be used to grab on to much more than just asteroids. In fact, it can pick up just about anything, even Kerbals.


The device features a toggleable state, 'Armed' or 'Disarmed'. While armed, it will attempt to cling to anything within a ~2 meter radius.

When the claw attached to another vessel, it works like a docking connection. Just like with a docking connection you can also exchange resources like fuel or electric charge through it.

Kerbals under the influence of the claw will go limp into a ragdoll state.

Manufacturer's description

Kerbal Motion engineers have long struggled with the problem of how to extract dropped tools from complicated machinery. After observing an intern cleaning out his shoes by turning them upside down and shaking them in the lab, our team was hit with a stroke of inspiration! Why not turn the rocket parts upside-down and shake them? The grabbing arm perfectly filled this niche, and is quite capable of lifting heavy machinery. It has since found other uses, besides delicate tool extraction operations. AKA "The Klaw!"

Kerbal Motion LLC


  • Initial release