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AeroEquus is a rocket designed for new players who play science or career mode. It could be used as an orbital trainer for people that don't know how to get into orbit. It uses four RT-10 "Hammer" SRBs and an LV-T45 "Swivel" to get into a sub-orbital trajectory, with an LV-909 "Terrier" liquid fuel engine to circularize.

AeroEqqus on the launchpad(1.1)


The flying four legged neighing landcreature. Legend has it that the Equus can be ridden by brave Kerbals, all we know is that it takes a brave Kerbal to ride this four booster beast past the Mun, or if really foolhardy, past Minmus.



The AeroEquus has over 5600 m/s of delta-V, more than enough to get to the orbit of the Mun or Minmus and return, or head to interplanetary space and not return. A Minmus landing and return mission could be performed, provided that the player has a steady hand on the controls, but the lack of solar panels and the need for active stability control may deplete the capsule's meager batteries.

Version history

  • 1.1- Added