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Agencies provide contracts in career mode which proved funds and reputation if completed successfully. They consist of manufacturers and the two independent organizations.

List of agencies

Logo Name Description
C7 Aerospace Division.png C7 Aerospace Division N/A
Dinkelstein Kerman's Construction Emporium.png Dinkelstein Kerman's Construction Emporium Dinkelstein Kerman has become somewhat of a legend in the spacecraft industry, not least impressively because he vehemently claims to have been constructing and flying spaceships long before the first actual recorded instance of any such vehicle being assembled. This has led to some controversy and a lot of awkwardness between him and the Kerbin World-Firsts Record-Keeping Society. Be that as it may, Dinklestein's Emporium is still generally well regarded as a traditional, old-fashioned company, and their products are actually a lot less rusty than the company's owner.
Experimental Engineering Group.png Experimental Engineering Group The Experimental Engineering Group is a typical startup company: Low budgets and impossibly tight deadlines are part of a normal working day for them. Despite being such a young company however, Experimental Engineering has made a good start, quickly making a name for themselves in the industry, mainly thanks to their very educational and entertaining SC-9001 Science Jr. Experiment Kit. Despite valiant efforts from their representatives, however, they haven't quite been able to shake off the bad press that followed some leaked footage of an incident involving one of their units and a small critter that one of the scientists over at R&D used to keep as a pet. Some say the incident has made them extremely concerned with the safety of anything that approach their products. They've even rounded out the edges on their company logo.
FLOOYD Dynamics Research Labs.png FLOOYD Dynamics Research Labs FLOOYD Labs is a company focused on doing one thing, and doing it as well as is conceivably possible to do it: Displacing liquids from one place to another. Their flagship product, the FTX-2 Fuel Duct, is the final result of years of research and development and endless Kerbal-hours of effort to produce a device that will pump any amount of just about anything, no matter how cold, dense or volatile it is. The company enjoys a well-deserved reputation for such an important contribution to the industry, and most agree that these days, almost nobody remembers the embarrassment of their recall of the FTX-1 series, which had a small but highly problematic issue, that while it did pump fluids flawlessly, it pumped them in the wrong direction.
Goliath National Products.png Goliath National Products N/A
Integrated Integrals.png Integrated Integrals What this small company lacks in experience and reputation, it makes up for in the sheer ambitiousness of their projects. Their first product was the very massive Mobile Processing Lab, which rumour has it was first developed as a mobile processing facility to secretly brew an experimental, possibly illegal fuel mixture, which was reportedly far more potent than the currently available propellants, and had a distinctive blue tint to it. Those rumours have never been proven however, and this mysterious blue propellant has yet to be seen by a reliable source. Despite their repeated attempts to be rid of these rumours, the company still suffers from a (probably undeserved) bad reputation. They try to offset this initial impression by offering much larger cash payoffs than other companies of similar size, which admittedly does very little to improve their current image.
IonicSymphonicProtonicElectronics.png Ionic Symphonic Protonic Electronics One of the leading names in spacecraft electronics, and not just because the name itself sounds so cool. Ionic Symphonic Protonic Electronics has a large catalogue of components, ranging from simple comms devices to seriously cutting edge gear. This has made their products quite popular among aerospace engineers, and also nurtured a profound enmity from the pragmatic folks at Probodobodyne.
JebsJunkyard.png Jebediah Kerman's Junkyard and Spacecraft Parts Co. It is universally agreed that Jeb's Junkyard is one the best examples of the triumph of unwavering motivation in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. The unassuming junkyard where it is said some of Kerbalkind's first steps towards the depths of space have been taken, has now become a much larger junkyard, as it had to expand its facilities to accommodate the ever greater demand for spacecraft components. Jeb's Junkyard has become one of Kerbin's most iconic names, becoming far more than just a beloved brand. It now stands proudly as a symbol of the unstoppable Kerbal drive towards attempting the impossible while grossly underestimating the gravity of the situation.
KerbalMotion.png Kerbal Motion LLC N/A
KerbinWorldFirstRecordKeepingSociety.png Kerbin World-Firsts Record-Keeping Society An institution completely devoted to the tracking and curating all first instances of any event, the Kerbin World-Firsts Record-Keeping Society is a non-profit organization, for the purpose of rewarding the doing of anything that's never been done before, especially concerning feats of space exploration. Their work is more challenging than it would seem however, as the prestige associated with the first-ever accomplishment of any deed is also a valuable target for commercial companies, who wouldn't waste the opportunity to be the official sponsor of such an event. Taking on the Society's contracts will definitely send the message that you're not in it for the money, which is always a good message to send. It's also just about the only reward, since the cash prizes are mostly symbolic.
Kerbodyne.png Kerbodyne Although Kerbodyne is a relatively new name in the aerospace industry, their K series engines and fuel tanks have earned them a quite a reputation in a short amount of time. So much so in fact, that Kerbodyne was nominated for the "Best Debut" Award, at last year's Spacecraft Developers Convention. Unfortunately, that prize went to another company, but Kerbodyne fans are known to demonstrate loudly and publicly, their appreciation for the company and its products.
Kerlington.png Kerlington Model Rockets and Paper Products Inc. Kerlington has a long history of introducing ground-breaking new technologies, many of which are now considered indispensable for rocketry and aerospace engineering. This has fostered a strong community of loyal Kerlington fans, as well as a similarly large group of disgruntled competitors.
MaxoConstructionToys.png Maxo Construction Toys N/A
MovingPartsExpertsGroup.png Moving Parts Experts Group The Moving Parts Experts Group started off as a mostly non-commercial initiative to bring some of the brightest minds together to create truly innovative and ground-breaking technologies for spacecraft construction. As is the case with many such enterprises, their initial investment funds very soon ran out and they were forced to start developing stuff that they could sell, quickly. As a result, the Group acquired a reputation for being always in a hurry, and always strapped for cash. They still try their best to stay true to their original motivations as much as possible though, and will always be willing to support any ventures that push the currently established boundaries.
OMBDemolition.png O.M.B. Demolition Enterprises For a company that made a reputation by creating as much destruction as possible, O.M.B. has found a remarkably suitable place for its highly volatile devices in the aerospace industry. Their precision Decouplers are second to none when the job calls for splitting spacecraft into multiple smaller ones. Some of their other demolition products however, despite being heavily advertised as far more powerful disassembly tools, weren't nearly as successful. O.M.B. is still unsure as to why those "clearly better" products weren't so well received.
PeriapsisCo.png Periapsis Rocket Supplies Co.x N/A
Probodobodyne Inc.png Probodobodyne Inc. Probodobodyne was at one point one of the leading (and few) names in the industry. Over the years though, the company has fallen behind the times somewhat, but they continue to maintain their philosophy that space exploration should be the privilege of the few who can overcome the challenges of conquering it, with minimal technological assistance. Their products reflect that pragmatic and arguably obsolete outlook, even in spite of the many newer companies that are coming up around them with alternatives that make space travel far more accessible than it was back in the "early days". Despite all this, the company has retained a small but loyal following of hardcore fans, who live by their vision of a very selective industry, populated only by the very best astronauts and engineers.
R&D logo.png Research & Development Department The Space Program's own Research & Development Department. Headed by celebrity rocket scientist Wernher von Kerman, these guys are the brains of the whole operation. Driven by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, no piece of data is too small or too irrelevant, and increasing the accumulated knowledge of Kerbalkind is their main motivation. Our resident geniuses only ask to be given due academic credit for their contributions to science, and that all astronauts PLEASE refrain from entering the labs without cleaning their boots first.
ReactionSystemsLtd.png Reaction Systems Ltd. Reaction Systems is a small company, which enjoyed a reasonable amount of success with their one successful product, the Place-Anywhere Linear RCS Port. These days, nobody knows for certain what they're working on. Even though Reaction Systems is most definitely not the largest company out there, they try to make up for it by supporting all pioneering endeavours. Also, their eagerness to offer science-gathering contracts lends credit to speculation that they may be up to something.
Rockomax.png Rockomax Conglomerate Indisputably the largest supplier of rocketry components out there, Rockomax products are widely regarded as the most accessible way to get into space. This has earned them a somewhat negative reputation among the more posh or avant-garde engineers, some even outright refusing to admit to having used Rockomax-Brand products. Be that as it may, Rockomax's gigantic presence in the industry cannot be gainsaid, and their products are actually pretty good value, even if they do lack that 'trendy' feel of the more up-scale rocketry brands. They are a massively large corporation, so don't expect them to cut you very special deals. They are already giving all their customers a bulk discount, plus their 'super-value' deals when using products from their partner brands. All this provided, of course, that you have your membership card with you when you go shopping at their warehouses.
Rokea.png Rokea Inc. Rokea is mainly known for their 'vertical mobility enhancer' products, which they go to great lengths to ensure are not mistaken by simplistic 'ladders'. Some say they are failing miserably in that effort, even though every Rokea representative will very eagerly educate all who come within earshot about the differences between ladders and a vertical mobility enhancement device. Perhaps this communications strategy is part of the reason nobody cares.
SeansCannery.png Sean's Cannery Many question the reasoning behind Sean's Cannery's -known for their very excellent canned foods products- incursion into the aerospace engineering world. Despite the criticism, none can dispute that their flagship product, the Lander Can Mk1 Cockpit, has proven itself many times over as a reliable and perhaps not surprisingly, one of the most air-tight crew carrying modules available today. Lander Can crews often praise the module for its ability to keep stowed snacks crisp and fresh, and complain of how on other pods they become mushy after just a few days into the mission.
SteadlerEngineeringCorps.png STEADLER Engineering Corps STEADLER is not known for being a very kind or yielding company. Rather, militaristic, stern and uncompromising are much more fitting adjectives to describe them. Some say these are good qualities for a company responsible mainly for engineering control systems for rockets and hypersonic aircraft, while others suggest that the company is actually being run by a rogue Guidance Module that achieved sentience. All we really know is that their gate security is much too Temperamental to allow for any observation, and that their stun guns recharge very quickly.
StrutCo.png StrutCo One of the largest manufacturers of structural components for any purpose, StrutCo is by all measures a very well-established company. The only thing they have never been able to get over is the fact that the legendary EAS-4 Strut Connector itself was actually invented by Kerlington Model Rockets.
Vac-Co.png Vac-Co Advanced Suction Systems Vac-Co is a relatively new name in the industry. With previous experience only as a manufacturer of housecleaning equipment and small appliances, their recent venture into aerospace engineering has been met with no small amount of skepticism. Nevertheless, they seem to know what they're doing, as their products have been quite innovative in the air intakes for spaceplanes sector.
WinterOwl.png WinterOwl Aircraft Emporium WinterOwl is by no means comparable to other large aircraft companies in terms of sheer number of products they offer. However, the company is one of the best-known names in the industry as it's one of the oldest companies in operation. This has earned them a reputation for being a friendly, reliable partner, which means they have good standings with many other companies. In the aerospace circles, it is considered very poor manners to be rude about WinterOwl or its products.
ZaltonicElectronics.png Zaltonic Electronics Zaltonics isn't exactly known as a strong leader in the electronic components industry, rather more as a somewhat utilitarian company that lacks a certain amount of ambition. These traits however, have made Zaltonic indispensable in their own way, as they are willing to take on the manufacturing of the less exciting devices, and they've become quite good at doing that in a quick and cost-effective way. Their products might not be all the rage, but when your fancy remote guidance unit runs out of juice, chances are you'll be using a Zaltonics battery to keep it powered.

Naming differences

All agencies are defined in GameData/Squad/Agencies/Agents.cfg where some manufacturers differ from the manufacturer given in the respective parts. If the last character of manufacturer's name is a period to abbreviate the type of business, that period is omitted in the configuration file. There is also ROKEA Inc. written with only the first letter in upper case and while the agency is named as Jebediah Kerman's Junkyard and Spacecraft Parts Co. the manufacturer is given as Jebediah Kerman's Junkyard and Spaceship Parts Co. (Spacecraft instead of Spaceship).