Albatross 3

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An albatross flying above water

The Albatross 3 is an extremely large stock plane, with a wingspan of ~31.75 meters, that is capable of long atmospheric flights. In the stock version the wings are very flexible so adding struts is a good idea since they can fall off in tight maneuvers. Its design is somewhat similar to Rutan Voyager. The 3 in its name may be a reference to Disney's Rescuers franchise. The name is most likely a reference to the Albatross' long wingspan.

The Albatross 3 on the runway (1.0.5)

Craft Description

The Albatross 3 is a low-speed, long-range aircraft, capable of stable sustained flight for hours on end.
Its very long wings will flex quite a bit, but the flight operations handbook says that's "most likely normal".
It also recommends always using rudder and ailerons combined to turn it.