Astronaut Complex

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The exterior view of the astronaut complex
The Astronaut Complex's hiring system, since 0.21.

The Astronaut Complex is a facility at the Kerbal Space Center. It is used for hiring Kerbals for use in vehicles. The interface allows the user to see the Kerbals that have applied to be an Astronaut at the Kerbal Space Center, Kerbals available for missions, Kerbals in current missions, and lost (dead) Kerbals. Each Kerbal has two meters indicating its Courage and Stupidity (a third, unseen statistic, Bad Ass, cancels out the other two stats for a select few Kerbals, such as Jebediah Kerman). Currently (0.23) all these meters influence is the facial expression the Kerbals have when certain events happen.

Astronaut Complex
Location TinyKerbin.png Kerbin


  • Background image and ambient sounds added
  • Border connected to roads and other borders.
  • Initial Release


  • A Kerbal on EVA can climb the flag pole at the Astronaut Complex.