Astronaut Complex

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Astronaut Complex
KSC building
Astronaut Complex
Level 3
Level 1
Level 2
Level 1 Level 2
Location TinyKerbin.png Kerbin
TinyKSC.png Kerbal Space Center
Altitude 67 m
Since version 0.21

The Astronaut Complex at Kerbal Space Center provides a listing of all current kerbonauts and the option to hire kerbals who wish to become kerbonauts.
(Note: this wiki uses “kerbonaut” in place of “astronaut” for reasons described in the Kerbonaut article.)


The Astronaut Complex's hiring system, since 0.21.

Two panels overlay a static[outdated] background depicting the Complex's interior.

The left panel lists kerbal Applicants who can be hired. There is no cost to hire an applicant or continue employing them[outdated]. Kerbalkind provides an inexhaustible supply of applicants, though exiting and reentering the Astronaut Complex may be necessary.

The right panel shows hired kerbonauts listed in three tabs. The first tab lists hired personnel Available for missions. The second lists crew Assigned to current missions; EVA status will also be shown. The last lists kerbonauts Lost during a mission; by default, lost crew are Missing In Action and will reappear after a time, but there is a setting to make lost crew remain dead.
Note also, it is not currently possible[outdated] to fire kerbonauts without terminating them.

Meters show each Kerbal's level of Courage and Stupidity; they also have a hidden flag that determines if they're a “badass”. However, these personality traits have no real effect on gameplay[outdated].


The Astronaut Complex's is a single building constructed symmetrically as a westward facing semi-circle with a small extension in the middle of its east side. Its front lawn to the west is highly manicured and focused on a flag pole.

Spoiler: Fun to discover on your own
  • A Kerbal on EVA can climb the flag pole at the Astronaut Complex.
  • The Astronaut Complex's flag pole provides the only means in-game to change the default flag in a save game.


  • Background image and ambient sounds added
  • Border connected to roads and other borders.
  • Initial Release