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(Kestrel notes in this article's history that he has confirmed shores. I can't confirm that, but I've independently confirmed all of the other Kerbin biomes currently listed except rivers.)
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* Water (oceans)
* Water (oceans)
* Highlands
* Highlands
* ?Shores
* Shores
* ?Rivers (more research needed)
* ?Rivers (more research needed)

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A biome is geographically contiguous area on the surface of a celestial body. They yield different experimental data (and flavor text). Currently[outdated], only Kerbin and Mün have biomes. Taking data at different altitudes (including 'on the ground', i.e. surface samples) over different biomes reveals different Science!

Kerbin Biomes

  • Grasslands
  • Ice caps (currently unknown whether north and south yield different data)
  • Tundra
  • Mountain
  • Badlands
  • Desert
  • Water (oceans)
  • Highlands
  • Shores
  •  ?Rivers (more research needed)

Mün Biomes

  • Highlands
  • Midlands
  • Polar Lowlands (North/South Polar Lowlands seem to register as the same biome (verification requested))
  • Poles (North/South Poles seem to register as the same biome (verification requested))
  • Farside Crater
  • East Farside Crater
  • Northwest Crater
  • Northern Basin
  • East crater
  • Southwest crater