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In KSP terminology, a biome is geographically contiguous area on the surface of a celestial body. They yield different experimental data (and flavor text). Currently[outdated], only the Kerbin System, consisting of Kerbin and its moon Mün and Minmus, have biomes. Taking data at different altitudes (including 'on the ground', i.e. surface samples) over different biomes reveals different scientific results.

In real life, biomes are contiguous areas with similar climatic conditions and organism communities. Without organisms, there are no biomes.

Biomes on the celestial bodies

If a body has specific biomes for the poles, the scientific results for both poles are the same. For example the north and south polar caps of Kerbin are the same biome called Ice Caps. Although officially only Kerbin, Mun and Minmus have biomes, there are two different biomes available on Laythe and Eve because part of their surface is covered by fluids which represent another biome.


The biomes on Kerbin

The planet Kerbin has 9 to 12 different biomes. Unlike Mun where the biomes extend into space, the biomes KSC, Runway and Launch Pad can only be detected on the surface. As soon as the measurement is not taken on the surface, it will report the biome Shores.

The Water biome is only present on large water bodies. Most rivers and smaller lakes are the same biome as the ground around them.

  • Launch Pad
  • Runway
  • KSC
  • Grasslands
  • Ice Caps (Polar biome)
  • Tundra
  • Mountain
  • Badlands
  • Desert
  • Water (Oceans)
  • Highlands
  • Shores


The biomes on Mun
  • Canyons (Extend off of the major craters.)
  • East Crater
  • East Farside Crater
  • Farside Crater
  • Highland Craters
  • Highlands
  • Midland Craters
  • Midlands
  • Northern Basin
  • Northwest Crater
  • Polar Crater
  • Polar Lowlands (Polar biome)
  • Poles (Polar biome)
  • Southwest Crater
  • Twin Craters


The biomes on Minmus
  • Highland
  • Midlands
  • Lowlands
  • Slopes
  • Flats
  • Great Flats
  • Greater Flats
  • Lesser Flats
  • Poles


  • Ocean
  • Land


  • Water
  • Land


All other celestial bodies have only one biome for the complete body. This will most likely change in the future.