Bobak Kerman

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Bobak Kerman
Not seen in-game; only in promo trailer
Not seen in-game; only in promo trailer
Occupation: Mission Controller (semi-official)

Bobak Kerman is a semi-official character seen working beside Gene Kerman in KSC Mission Command in an official Squad promo trailer titled "At the Kerbal Space Center". It is not known whether Bobak will appear in the Mission Control building planned for in version 0.24.

Bobak Kerman's personality is depicted as more animated than his colleague Gene, at one point knocking over computer monitors when a mission goes slightly catastrophic.

Real-world parallels

Bobak Kerman is a deliberate homage to modern day NASA scientist and Curiousity rover mission crew member Bobak Ferdowsi. This was announced on Squad's official KSP Twitter page[1]. Much like the white vests worn for each mission by Gene Kerman's likely inspiration Gene Kranz, Ferdowsi wore a different hairstyle for each mission (the result of a team vote). Ferdowsi gained notoriety after the mohawk he sported during the televised Curiosity rover mission caught media and internet attention, showing a cooler and edgier image of NASA scientists.



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