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== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==
File:Gui_Bop_ISA_Topo.png | Topographical map of Bop
File:Gui_Bop_ISA_Topo.png | Topographical map of Bop using the ISA MapSat plugin
File:Gui_Bop_Polars_Topo.png | A polar topographical map of Bop with the same plugin
File:Bop_800_map.gif | A topografic height map of Bop made with the ISA MapSat plugin
File:Bop_800_map.gif | A topographic height map of Bop made with the ISA MapSat plugin
File:BopFromLaythe.png | You can see Bop from Laythe as a small dot
File:BopFromLaythe.png | A lander on Laythe. Bop is seen as a small dot.
File:screenshot66.png | A Bop Hopper probe nestled in a valley.
File:screenshot66.png | A small user-created probe in a valley of Bop.

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Bop is one of the five natural satellites of Jool. It is very similar to Gilly. Bop has a large crater with a white rim. Some of its mountains rise as high as 20 km above the surface. Bop gains its shape of a brown crunched up ball of paper is caused by its low gravity. The brownish color may come from solid carbon, or iron oxide.

Orbital Statistics

Bop is the only satellite of Jool that permits a geosynchronous orbit. Because of its fast rotation (3.6 hours per rotation), the optimum altitude for geosynchronous orbit is 154417.9 meters, well within the sphere of influence of the body (993003 meters). This moon is considered a Captured Asteroid.

Reference Frames

Rotational/Inertial transition: 100,000 m

Warp Minimum Altitude
1x 0 m
5x 24,500 m
10x 24,500 m
50x 24,500 m
100x 40,000 m
1,000x 60,000 m
10,000x 80,000 m
100,000x 100,000 m

It is unwise to Orbit at an altitude of under 10km, as you will almost always encounter a mountain.



  • Semi-major axis increased to prevent SOI intersection with Tylo
  • Initial Release