CH-J3 Fly-By-Wire Avionics Hub

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Avionics Package/Box

The Sensor Array Computing Nose Cose is an atmospheric sensor which can help to provide a lot of scientific data.


The latest in research and developement enabled the development of this little marvel, The Sensor Array Computing Nose Cone. It is outfitted with many "quality" sensors and a computer salvaged from the highest quality aircraft scrap, enabling it to collect atmospheric data while in flight.

C7 Aerospace


By clicking a button in the context-menu this thingy collects lots of data. For science.


Prior to version 0.22.0 it used to be a is a toggleable module that provides SAS functionality. This keept the airplane from spinning out of control. Due to the changes in the functionality of SAS - which are now build-in in command pods - the use as a SAS module became gratuitous.


  • Re-functioning to an atmospheric sensor
  • (Undocumented) Mass reduced from 0.8 to 0.08
  • Initial Release