Campaign: Age of Expansion

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Danger in the Neighborhood Campaigns Exploration of Jool

After a brief existential crisis with the asteroid, Kerbals now turned their big, clumsy head towards our nearest neighbor and the largest satellite. The KSS? No you idiot, the Mun. Kerbals had not set foot there since Kerbollo 17 (there would have been three additional landings, but the Kerbican president was more focused on Kylab at the time). With the advent of cheap reusable rockets and Space Vacations TM (starting at $1,499.99), it was obvious what was next. Kerbalkind had dreamed of going to the Mun for centuries, and now is the time that came true.


  • Length: 5-10 hours
  • Difficulty: 7/10 (Advanced)
  • Skills Needed:
  1. Basic and Advanced Orbiting
  2. Basemaking
  3. Satellite Construction
  4. Large-craft Precision Landing
  5. Surface Vehicle Docking (or appropriate mods)

NOTE: sorry, Duna or Bust guy, credit to you, but I'm not plagiarizing any material. Just borrowing a format (too lazy to do it from scratch)

  • For Version: Every Version (not yet tested)


NOTE: These can be completed either on the Mun or Minimus. Or both for an extra challenge. Also, if you would like an even bigger challenge, you can use a mod like RemoteTech to make the satellites/communication arrays functional.

Exploration Flight Test 1 (EFT-1)

After years of servicing only Kylab, Kir, and the KSS, the time has come for Kerbollo to venture being Kerbin once more and head back to the moon. Before we do, though, the heat shields need re-evaluating.

  1. Go ahead and reuse the rocket you used to get to the Mun in the Mun Race; remove the Munar Module if present; if using the modded approach, just use the BDB Saturn V and omit the LM
  2. Must be unmanned
  3. Simple, really: just launch into a highly-elliptical orbit and return; this is to simulate Munar return velocity, as we did on Kerbollo 4
  4. Land safely in the water, just as you would at the end of a Kerbollo Munar mission

Exploration Flight Test 2 (EFT-2)

Now we need to re-evaluate the Munar Module to make sure all is good on that front.

  1. Re-add the Munar Module to your Munshot rocket (or, just save the rocket under different name in the lead-up to EFT-1); if using the modded approach, just use the Saturn V we made for Kerbollo 9
  2. Must be manned
  3. Basically, repeat what you did on Kerbollo 10; refer to its entry for instructions


While on an inspection of the VAB, Gene Kerman discovered a surplus Kylab. So, he did what anyone else would do: launch it into Munar orbit!

  1. Modifiy the rocket you used to launch Kylab to be able to get to the Mun. If using the modded approach, it might be high-time to break out the FASA Saturn C-8; Alternatively, the BDB Skylab can be launched as a wet workshop, meaning you can use the Saturn V to send the third stage to the Mun (following the normal procedure we covered in Mun Race), and then sending crew to the station to refurbish it into a station, which the station is designed for
  2. Must be unmanned
  3. Follow normal Munar travel procedures
  4. What are you waiting for? Get some Kerbals in that thing!

Munar Communication System

  • Launch 3 state-of-the-art satellites in semi-synchronous equitorial orbit around Mun (1797 km)
  1. Satellites must have 2 Gigantor XL Solar Arrays
  2. They must have a Double-C Seismic Accelerometer and Advanced SAS
  3. They must have a Communotron 88-88 and a Comms DTS-M1
  4. They must store at least 500 electric charge
  5. They must be reasonably equidistant and equitorial
  6. They must circularize within 5 km (between periapsis and apoapsis)
  7. They must be unmanned

Munar Base Communication Towers

  • Land 2 communication towers marking your intended locations for your munar base colony and space port.
  1. The towers should be between 200m and 5km of each other
  2. They must be at least the height of 2 Modular Girder Segment XLs
  3. They must have a Comms DTS-M1 (for satellites) and a Communotron 16
  4. They must store at least 500 electric charge
  5. They should provide adequate area-lighting for visibility in darkness
  6. You may land them together and then move them to their appropriate sites
  7. The locations should be reasonably flat with no major obstacles for transportation between them

Space Port

  • Establish a port for landing munar base modules and for shipping supplies in the future.
  1. All crafts must end up within 200m of a communication tower
  2. Land empty living module(s) for at least 3 Kerbals
  3. Land a full orange jumbo fuel tank or larger for refueling
  4. Land a refueling station for RCS and electric charge
  5. Land a refueling vehicle storing at least 180 liquid fuel and 220 oxidizer
  6. Land a refueling vehicle storing at least 200 mono propellant
  7. Land a transportation vehicle with seating for at least 4 Kerbals (ideally 6-12)
  8. Refueling vehicles and tanks should be able to dock horizontally
  9. Each craft should have a Communotron 16 and 300 units of electric charge
  10. All vehicles should have seating for at least 1 Kerbal

Base Colony

  • Provide living quarters for your Kerbals to live at your new Munar Base.
  1. All crafts should initially land near your Space Port, then move to the desired location via wheels or rockets, as should all future craft landings.
  2. All crafts must end up within 200m of your second communication tower at at least 50m from Space Port crafts
  3. Land empty living module(s) for at least 10 Kerbals
  4. Land a module containing a Mobile Processing Lab and at least 1000 units of electric charge and solar panels
  5. Land a Mun rover seating at least 2 Kerbals
  6. Land an empty landing module for exploration of the area, seating at least 2 Kerbals
  7. Landing module should have 180-1440 liquid fuel and 220-1760 oxidizer
  8. Landing module should allow for refueling and have adequate power generation
  9. Landing module should have at least 1 relevant science part for the Munar surface
  10. Each craft should have a Communotron 16 and 300 units of electric charge


  • Your base is now ready for your first inhabitants
  1. Land crafts containing your Kerbal inhabitants at your Space Port (can be done in stages)
  2. Transport your Kerbals to the Colony
  3. Use each of your crafts and test each docking system
  4. Docking systems should be at least 50% successful
  5. Living modules should in total be at between 50% and 95% occupied at the end (for guests and Kerbal families)
  6. Suggested: most resident Kerbals should have below 1/3 intelligence (standard inhabitants, not just KSP rocket scientists)

Munar Base Inspection Crew

  • 3 Kerbals have been assigned to inspect the living conditions of your Munar base.
  1. The 3 Kerbals should be transported from the surface of Kerbin to the Colony and back with no major crashes
  2. They should take a surface sample and process it in the lab

Looking Beyond

The Mun has been colonized, and its inhabitants are safely resting in their new homes. This will be a benchmark for future colonization of the Kerbol system. Now that your program reaches all of Kerbin's satellites, you overhear a new slogan around the space center, ["Duna or Bust"]...