Campaign: Dunar Exploration Rovers

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After the Kerbal Space Station exploration campaign, Kerbals look to the skies and wonder what lies under a pale, red dot they've always stared at (Duna). After some additional time dreaming, Kerbican folks decided to build a number of rovers that could rove the surface of Duna for more historic, never-seen-before info. This campaign is based on the real Exploration Rover program conducted by the American agency NASA.


Length: 1-1.5 hours

Difficulty: 6/10 (Proficient)

Skills needed:

  • Comfort with maneuver nodes
  • Should be able to land with skill, as Duna's atmosphere is thinner than that of Kerbin's.


Kathfinder and Kojourner

First DERs of the program.

  • Target: Successfully land Kathfinder on Duna, then spawn the Kojourner rover.
  1. Rocket must contain enough fuel for Low Kerbin Orbit (suggested orbit: 80 x 80 meters), the interplanetary transfer and aerocapture/propulsive deceleration.

Instructions on how to build:

  1. It must be able to reach a distance of 100 meters away from the lander (for realism).
  2. Optional: Make it small (65 centimeters in length)

Kopportunity and Kririt

Based on the twin rovers [[1]] and [[2]]

  • Target: Land two rovers on opposite sides of the planet.
  1. Done in two separate launches.
  2. Kririt: Should be able to rove for 7.5 kilometers away from the lander.
  3. Kopportunity: Should be able to rove for at least 45 kilometers. (Bonus: Time warp by 14 years and see if it still runs.)


Based on the actual [rover].

  • Target: Successfully land what is the heaviest DER ever built.
  1. Must be able to propulsively land (same way the real Curiosity works).
  2. Should be able to rove for 7 kilometers away from the lander. (Bonus: Time warp by 5.5 years and see if it still runs. Bring any science instrument you want.)
  3. Optional: Make it life-sized (about 3 meters in length)

Duna 2020

Mission still in development.

  • Build a DER structurally similar to Kuriosity, but larger and has more efficient wheels.

Final Word

Now that rovers are driving on Duna, Kerbals decided to reach farther in the Kerbolar System, and funded the Joolileo campaign.