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(Joolian Campaign Mission #1)
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*'''Length''': 10-20 Hours
*'''Length''': 10-20 Hours
*'''Difficulty''': 8/10 (Expert)
*'''Difficulty''': 8/10 (Expert)
*'''Skills Needed:'''
*'''Skills Needed:'''
#Advanced Rocket Design
#Advanced Rocket Design
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#Basic Docking (optional)
#Basic Docking (optional)
#Completed (Minimal)
#Completed (Minimal)
  [[Duna or Bust]]
  [[Campaign: Duna or Bust|Duna or Bust]]
  [[Campaign: Probes and Rovers|Probes and Rovers]]
  [[Probes and Rovers]]
*'''For Version''': Every Version
*'''For Version''': Every Version

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With a manned landing having been done on Duna, the Kerbols now aim with a hefty goal, to create rovers for each planet in the Joolien System.


  • Length: 10-20 Hours
  • Difficulty: 8/10 (Expert)
  • Skills Needed:
  1. Advanced Rocket Design
  2. Advanced Landing
  3. Advanced Orbital Maneuvering
  4. Intermediate Mission Planning
  5. Advanced understanding of Launch Windows
  6. Intermediate Rendezvousing
  7. Advanced Rover Design
  8. Basic Docking (optional)
  9. Completed (Minimal)
Duna or Bust
Probes and Rovers
  • For Version: Every Version


Joolino III

  • Launch a Satalite to Orbit around Jool
  1. Satalite must have at least 2 solar panels
  2. Satalite must have a dish antennea
  3. Satalite must have at least 4 scientific instruments
  4. Satalite must have a 100,000 meter orbit around the body

Joolino IV

  • Launch a Satalite to Orbit around Laythe
  1. Same Requirements as Joolino III

Joolino V, VII, IX and XI

  • Launch Satalites around the remaining moons of Jool
  1. Same requirements as Joolino III

Joolinia X

  • Launch a Rover for landing on Laythe
  1. Must have enough electric storage to run overnight
  2. Must have lights
  3. Must contain at least 4 Scientific Instruments
  4. Must have a dish antennea

Joolinia XI, XVI, XX, XXI

  • Launch Rovers for the rest of Jools moons
  1. Same requirements as Joolinia X
  2. Try not to get mad at me for these repetitive challenges


What KerbX found in the Joolian system was so intriguing to them, they decided to enhance their efforts to explore the area, which led to many more rovers, probes, and satalites. Eventually, the Astronomers decided that it wasn’t worth the effort anymore to keep transporting fuel and other necessities to the area, so the idea for Joolinol SS was proposed