Campaign: Kerbal Space Station

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Satellite Network Campaigns Joolileo

This campaign is a work in progress.

The Kerbals had a global network of satellites up and running. Now the public wanted a space station that could carry 10 Kerbonaughts into orbit. The world's top scientists from all around the world began to build rockets and modules in their quest to build what they dubbed the KSS - the Kerbal Space Station.


  • Length: 15-20 hours
  • Difficulty: 6/10 (Advanced)
  • Skills Needed:
  1. Intermediate(+) navigation via maneuver node
  2. Advanced orbiting
  3. Intermediate understanding of launch windows
  4. Advanced understanding of intercepts/rendezvous
  5. Intermediate docking
  • For version: 0.18 and beyond

The Goal

The goal of these missions are to build a space station in Kerbin orbit.

Kroton-K Test Launch

Build a rocket to carry a unmanned test module into orbit. After 5 stable orbits, de-orbit the test module. You may need RCS to bring you back to Kerbin.

Space Plane Test Launch

Build a spaceplane that carries a unmanned test module in to orbit. After 5 stable orbits, de-orbit the test module. You may need RCS to bring you back to Kerbin.

Karya Module

Launch the first Module into orbit on your Kroton K rocket. This should have 2 solar panels, and carry fuel and have 8 RCS blocks to move the rest of station if need be. Launch the module on the Kroton, then deploy it into a low-Kerbin orbit.


This a simple "hallway" that connects the Keveits/Kussians and the Kermerican parts of the station. Make sure it has a docking port. You can put 3 Kerbals in it, but you need a Hitchiker Storage Container to do so. Place it on the spaceplane you made, get it into orbit, then connect it to Karya. Your Kerbals may remain on the station for a short time, but you must then bring them back home to Kerbal.

Life Support Module

Note: After this is installed, you can leave Kerbals on the station. Design it similarly to the Karya module, and put life support on it. Place it on a Kroton rocket, and dock it to the station.

Research station

Build a module with room for Kerbals. Put half of the science equipment on it, and some dishes and antennae so the research can be transmitted back home. Load it up on the plane, then dock it to the KSS. Include a stack decoupler to detach it from KSS in case of emergency.


This is the easiest. Just make a simple module with monopropellent. Then take a short space walk to see your KSS.

Research station II

A glitch has been detected in the lab that caused it to detach from the station. Rescue any Kerbals on board, then send up your replacement lab. DON'T put any stack decouplers and put all science equipment on it.

Docking station

Build a module that has a dock for ships to connect to the KSS. Now you can have space tourists!

Power Modules

Almost done! Now, you need 2 pieces to power the station. Build a module with 8 solar panels. Save it, launch it, dock it, repeat.

Final Word

Now the KSS was so large that it could be seen without a telescope. The public was ecstatic - finally, something they could look up and point at that wasn't the Mun! But astronomers were already dreaming bigger, and prototype designs for the Joolileo probe were already being drafted.