Campaign: Kerbals in Space

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Kerbol System Exploration Campaigns Shuttle Program


With greater knowledge from the Probes launched during the exploration of the inner Kerbol system and a willingness for internation co-operation, the nature of the Kerbal Space Program moved towards the satiation of curiosity and an scientific zest for exploration. The public knowledge and interest in the program exploded with the documentaries of Karl Kergan. However, in a surprising show of foresight, the Kerbals decided to further develop their technologies and improve their database by creating Space stations which can be used for scientific experimentation. Despite a unified space program, due to political reasons, the Kerbicans and Kerbiets launched separate space stations, the Kylab and the KIR respectively. Towards the end of this campaign, secondary modules were added to both the stations in preparation for the advanced docking procedures that would be used in The Shuttle Program.

Kylab I

  • Launch a single module station into orbit, and dock a spaceship with it.
  1. Leave at least 1 Kerbal on board.
  2. Return at least 1 Kerbal to Kerbin.
  • Launch a robotic ship to return your station Kerbal(s) back to Kerbin safely.
  1. Ship must dock with the station.
  • Deorbit your station lest the Kerbiets come up later and mess up your room while you're away.
  1. No Kerbals may be harmed in the making of this mission.

Final Word