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*'''Length:''' 10-20 hours (2-5 if you already know how to dock)
*'''Length:''' 2-5 hours
*'''Difficulty:''' 6/10 (Advanced)
*'''Difficulty:''' 6/10 (Advanced)
*'''Skills needed:'''  
*'''Skills needed:'''  
#Advanced [[navball]] familiarity (assumed for all following campaigns)
#Advanced [[navball]] familiarity
#Intermediate navigation via [[maneuver node]]
#Intermediate navigation via [[maneuver node]]
#Advanced [[orbit|orbiting]]
#Advanced [[orbit|orbiting]]
#Intermediate understanding of [[w:launch window|launch windows]]
#Intermediate understanding of [[w:launch window|launch windows]]
#Intermediate understanding of [[Tutorial: Orbital Docking with the Kergena Target Vehicle|intercepts/rendezvous]]
#Intermediate understanding of [[Tutorial: Orbital Docking with the Kergena Target Vehicle|rendezvous]]
#Basic [[docking]]
#Basic [[docking]]
#[[EVA]] navigation
#[[EVA]] navigation
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#While near a 80 km orbit, your Kerbal will have to go outside, and eventually let go of the spacecraft, and grab it again and get back inside.  
#While near a 80 km orbit, your Kerbal will have to go outside, and eventually let go of the spacecraft, and grab it again and get back inside.  
#Jets optional.  
#Jets optional.  
#Return is mandatory.
#Must land in water or at least on the continent on the other side of Kerbin from the KSC.
#Must land in water or at least on the continent on the other side of Kerbin from the KSC.
:(If you haven't already, start naming your spacecraft prior to launch.)
===Kerbinai 4: Ed Kerman, First Jet Assisted EVA===
===Kerbinai 4: Ed Kerman, First Jet Assisted EVA===

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Age of Satellites Campaigns Probes and Rovers


Over Kerbin, Kerbal-made stars could be seen gleaming from their orbits upon a treeless, empty world. It didn't matter, because no one on Kerbin had ever seen a tree, so they weren't missed. GeoSat proved the point that there was absolutely no vegetation at all on the planet, except the microscopic green stuff (scientist are currently trying to track down the elusive compound) that made the surface that shade of green. It was also discovered, contrary to popular belief, that there was actually no buildings (except for the insular airfield and the Kerbiet's KSC 2) beyond the Kerbican Kontinent. As the KSC was one of the only buildings in all of Kerbica, the scientists found no lack of volunteers.

The Kerbican president (President? I've never seen his face. Is he real? I sometimes feel I'm part of a game) announced that he wanted to see a Kerbal on the Mun by the end of the decade. The Kerbal Space Program set its sights on an eventual Mun landing and return, although most scientists doubted the success of such. To get there, much needed to be learned. Volunteers were called up, but most Kerbals were not that eager to volunteer, even with the free snacks. Jebediah Kerman, a daredevil from Kernicopia, was the first and only volunteer...for a while. Though after showing off his new spacesuit with a jetpack included, his very intrigued brothers Bill and Bob would soon join him, and it became apparent to KSP scientists that Jebediah's whole family had what it takes to get into space; a penchant for a good bribe and a lack of education.

This campaign presents a mission manifest to have you flex your space muscle with more advanced orbital maneuvers involving manned space-craft, and to get you ready for the Mun before the week is out.

(Video tutorials on docking, rendezvous, etc, etc: Orbital Mechanics 101)


  • Length: 2-5 hours
  • Difficulty: 6/10 (Advanced)
  • Skills needed:
  1. Advanced navball familiarity
  2. Intermediate navigation via maneuver node
  3. Advanced orbiting
  4. Intermediate understanding of launch windows
  5. Intermediate understanding of rendezvous
  6. Basic docking
  7. EVA navigation
  • For version: Every version (tested on 0.20.2)


Launch Escape System

  • Create a Launch Escape system if disaster strikes.
  1. Escape system must be able to pull command module away from a rocket in flight under its own power.
  2. Command module must be able to land safely on the ground from any launch altitude up to 70 km.
  3. Escape system must be able to be triggered by the Abort action group, aka Backspace key.
(Escape systems for manned missions are not required though until Gene takes over the KSC after The Kerbinai Program.)
(Version 0.24 added a part specifically for this, though custom systems can work 'better'.)
(Tip: Set your abort group to shut down all liquid fueled engines to help with escape launch.)

Koskhod 2: Alexey Kerbinov, First Spacewalker

  • Perform an EVA in orbit, and return the Kerbal unharmed
  1. While near a 80 km orbit, your Kerbal will have to go outside, and eventually let go of the spacecraft, and grab it again and get back inside.
  2. Jets optional.
  3. Must land in water or at least on the continent on the other side of Kerbin from the KSC.

Kerbinai 4: Ed Kerman, First Jet Assisted EVA

  • This Kerbican used the first jetpack in space...and returned successfully to his spacecraft.
  1. In 80 km orbit, have your Kerbal leave your comfy spacecraft and float around the spacecraft. Must complete one circuit around the craft.
  2. EVA must take place entirely on the day side of Kerbin, else you must let your Kerbal drift in space until daylight comes back and he can "see" the ship and try to make it back.
(If you lose your Kerbal because you have run out of jetpack fuel... well... um... your first orbital intercept will be to rescue him using a remotely controlled intercept vehicle.)

ComSat IV

  • Replace a Defunct Satellite and Designate it as Debris
  1. Launch a new ComSat to replace ComSat I.
  2. The new ComSat must replace ComSat I at ComSat I's originally intended location (directly over KSC).
  3. Designate ComSat I as Debris (so it no longer shows up on your map, or you can choose to end its mission to save cpu resources)
(This mission is a good one to practice your first orbital intercept, assuming your old satellite is where you want your new one to be)

Kerbinai: 6 & 7: Orbital Rendezvous

  • Intercept and Rendezvous a manned ship to within 100m of another manned ship
  1. Both ships must be identical and carry a single Kerbal, for a total of 2 Kerbals at the rendezvous.
  2. No docking ports on either ship.
  3. Must have RCS thrusters with propellant.
  4. With experience comes new technology. Rocket may have a basic SAS module at this point since previous missions may have been "a wee bit wobbly."
  5. You must take a screenshot from inside the cockpit of one ship through the window looking at the other ship, when both ships are less than 100m apart.
(Building orbital intercept vehicles will require a more powerful launch vehicle. Consider your trial by error development as Kerbinai 5. Experiment first before committing Kerbonaughts to an official Kerbinai mission)
(KSC scientists don't think it's possible on the first try, so that's why both ships don't have docking ports. Prove them wrong with a screenshot.)

Kerbinai 8: Neil and the Kerbina Target Vehicle

  • Launch an unmanned Target Vehicle with docking point into orbit.
  1. Must be unmanned.
  2. Must be powered continuously.
  • Launch a manned single-Kerbal vehicle with docking port into orbit.
  • Intercept, Rendezvous, and Dock the manned vehicle with the waiting unmanned vehicle.
  • Transfer fuel from the Kerbina Target Vehicle to your ship, make sure there is enough for both ships to deorbit.
    • If you're feeling daring, don't transfer fuel, but rather, send the entire ship into an uncontrolled spin and simulate the actual Gemini VIII abort.
(After you're done, you are welcome to deorbit the Target Vehicle or end its mission or use it for the Kylab mission.)

2 Kerbals, 2 Ships, and a Party

  • Transfer crew with another spaceship in orbit while docked.
  1. Must transfer one Kerbal from one ship with one Kerbal from another via docking port and then go back to the other ship via EVA.
  2. Transfer fuel so both ships have equal amounts for the return
  3. Return one Kerbal to his ship via EVA
(Tip: Switch between EVAs by using the bracket keys, use a 2 seater command pod with an seat empty)
(Don't forget to bring four bottles of Fizzy Kerbin Ocean Water with straw caps to celebrate!)

Finishing word

After the completion of the Kerbinai Program, Robert Kerbin retired to much fanfare, and settled down to write books about the early pioneers of Kerbal Spaceflight who he helped put into space. A new director, Gene Kerbin, arrived to take his place at the Kerbal Space Center.

After the Kerban family reunion which took place in orbit during the program, Gene ordered the Kerbonaught corps to take a well deserved vacation while the space program ramped up its final preparations for a Mun shot. While on vacation, Jebediah took the initiative in his home town of Kernicopia to fund a new start up company: Jebediah Kerman's Junkyard and Spaceship Parts Co. - cobbled together from a number of junkyard parts he had laying around from his daredevil days. Being an insider, her figured he'd be able to score a number of kontracts with the Kerbal Space Program. While he prepared his company, Gene Kerman stepped up missions to send Probes and Rovers to the Mun.