Campaign: Mod-Based Additions

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Campaigns Space Race

Age of Flight

  • Before "Age of Rocketry"
  • Required (and optional) mods: KAX, (Ferram Aerospace)
  • Length: 1-2 hours
  • Difficulty: 4/10 (Intermediate)
  • Skills needed:
  1. Spaceplane Hangar (see Basic Rocket Design)
  2. Basic navball familiarity
  3. Basic plane building
  • Not yet tested


  • Build a basic manned MK1 plane, launch it from the runway, fly around KSC and land on the runway
  • Improve the plane and travel to island runway and back again
  • Cross the ocean and land.
  • Complete previous steps with an MK2 plane.
  • Build and test a manned helcopter and a quadcopter drone. (may be done in a later campaign)

Launchpad Cameras

  • During "Age of Rocketry" campaign
  • Required (and optional) mods: HullcamVDS
  • Tested in versions 0.24 to 0.90


  • Create a rover with a Launchcam angled up, launch it from runway, park it near the launchpad where it can clearly see the rocket during countdown.
  • Repeat previous step with camera adjustment, park in KSC to observe rocket soon after launch.
  • For future flights, use HullcamVDS view instead of third-person view when reasonable.