Campaign: Space Telescopes

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Joolileo Campaigns Budget Cuts

After the successful Joolileo landing, the Kerbals decided they wanted to look deeper into the Kerbol System and extrakerbol space. But seriously, the astronaut corps were getting fidgety when they were running out of places to plant flags. And get themselves stranded in. The only solution to that is huge telescopes!


  • Length: 1–3 hours
  • Difficulty: 6/10 (Advanced)
  • Skill Requirements:
  1. Intermediate navigation via maneuver node
  2. Advanced orbiting
  3. Intermediate understanding of launch windows
  4. Advanced understanding of intercepts/rendezvous
  5. Basic docking
  6. Ability to complete Kerbinai Program
  7. Basic rover design
  • For every version, being tested on 0.23



The Kubble Space Telescope was the first step to peering into deep space, such as Eeloo.


The Mun Remote Observatory was a project to take pictures of the Mun, from the relative safety of Kerbin.

  • Construct a satellite with a Mobile processing Lab, a probe head, electricity, solar panels, science, and a docking port.
  • Get into a 350 km orbit around Kerbin, again.
  • Take a picture of the Mun.


The L4 Planet Finder was a space-and-ground mission for observing planets past Duna and their moons.


  • The satellite has to have a 5 Communications devices of your choice.
  • It also must have 2 science experiments, a probe head, solar panels, electricity, and a docking port.
  • Get this into a 430 km orbit around Kerbin.
  • Take a picture of every planet. (switch to other planets and take an up close picture, to represent zooming lenses.)


  • Build a surface vehicle with crew capacity and Comms Devices.


  • Dock one of your space shuttles from The Shuttle Program campaign to the Kubble.
  • EVA and get back in the ship.

Finishing Word

The kerbals were excited. They had the technology to look anywhere in the Kerbol System. The had even discovered a new planet, Eeloo. But will they were making plans, Big Government had plans for them......