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The career mode, available since in version 0.22 is the other mode to the sandbox mode and is still in development. Currently it makes heavy use of the new Research and Development (R&D) center which features the tech tree.

Possible future features

Money and Stock

  • The Career mode will add limited money, with your parts costing the amount shown.
  • Also, you have a limited amount of parts in stock. It has been said that if you land parts safely, they can be reused.
  • It is planned that if you damage a part of KSC, repairing it will cost you money.


During a Development chat, one of the devs said that you have to "discover" things with a telescope or probe to find out information about it. For example, if you were going to Jool, and looked in Map View, it would look like a giant green sphere unless you had already sent a probe there with cameras (That will be added to the game in a further update) and scientific instruments.