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A cargo bay is a part which can contain other equipment.

The main use is to store unwieldy or unstackable parts (such as a small probe) within a larger structure. It shields the parts inside from aerodynamic drag and overheating effects. The size of the cargo bay cannot be used completely - the docking devices needs some place, and the room of the cargo bays has no regular shape. Their usage is similar to the service bays. While the cargo bays mainly used for carrying payloads, the service bays protects the vulnerable parts from the environmental effects.

Mk2 Cargo Bay CRG-04 (opened).png
Mk2 Cargo Bay CRG-04.png

To open and close the doors, right-click the cargo bay, and push the Open/Close button. Action groups can also can be used for this purpose; by employing the Toggle Bay Doors command, the doors can be opened and closed by a single keystroke.

List of cargo bays

Image Part Radial size Cost
Max. Temp.
Mk2 Cargo Bay CRG-04.png
Mk2 Cargo Bay CRG-04 Mk2 320 0.25 2 500 50 50 1.25x1.875 m
Mk2 Cargo Bay CRG-08.png
Mk2 Cargo Bay CRG-08 Mk2 500 0.5 2 500 50 50 1.25x3.75 m
Mk3 Cargo Bay CRG-25.png
Mk3 Cargo Bay CRG-25 Mk3 750 1.5 2 700 50 50 2.50x2.50 m
(1⅓ x X200-16)
Mk3 Cargo Bay CRG-50.png
Mk3 Cargo Bay CRG-50 Mk3 1 500 3.0 2 700 50 50 2.50x5.00 m
(1⅓ x X200-32)
Mk3 Cargo Bay CRG-100.png
Mk3 Cargo Bay CRG-100 Mk3 3 000 6.0 2 700 50 50 2.50x10.00 m
(1⅓ x Jumbo-64)
Mk3 Cargo Ramp Mk3 3 000 4.0 2 700 50 50 2.50x2.00 m

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