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[[File:TinyMoho.png]] '''[[Moho]]'''
[[File:TinyMoho.png]] '''[[Moho]]'''
[[File:TinyEve.png]] '''[[Eve]]''' ([[Gilly]])
[[File:TinyEve.png]] '''[[Eve]]''' [[File:TinyGilly.png|3px]] '''[[Gilly]]'''
[[File:TinyKerbin.png]] '''[[Kerbin]]''' ([[Mun]], [[Minmus]])
[[File:TinyKerbin.png]] '''[[Kerbin]]''' [[File:TinyMun.png|30px]] '''[[Mun]]'''  [[File:TinyMinmus.png|10px]] '''[[Minmus]]'''
[[File:TinyDuna.png]] '''[[Duna]]''' ([[Ike]])
[[File:TinyDuna.png]] '''[[Duna]]''' ([[Ike]])
[[File:TinyJool.png]] '''[[Jool]]''' ([[Laythe]], [[Vall]], [[Tylo]], [[Bop]])
[[File:TinyJool.png]] '''[[Jool]]''' [[File:TinyLaythe.png|36px]] '''[[Laythe]]''', [[Vall]], [[Tylo]], [[File:TinyBop.png|11px]] '''[[Bop]]'''

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These are Celestial Bodies that are currently present in the Kerbol system as of 0.17. All planets are in order of closest to farthest from Kerbol.

TinyKerbol.png Kerbol

TinyMoho.png Moho

TinyEve.png Eve TinyGilly.png Gilly

TinyKerbin.png Kerbin TinyMun.png Mun TinyMinmus.png Minmus

TinyDuna.png Duna (Ike)

TinyJool.png Jool TinyLaythe.png Laythe, Vall, Tylo, TinyBop.png Bop


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