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Agency logo from version 0.24

FLOOYD Dynamics Research Labs currently[outdated] manufactures fuel lines and Aerodynamic Fairings.

Agency description

FLOOYD Labs is a company focused on doing one thing, and doing it as well as is conceivably possible to do it: Displacing liquids from one place to another. Their flagship product, the FTX-2 Fuel Duct, is the final result of years of research and development and endless Kerbal-hours of effort to produce a device that will pump any amount of just about anything, no matter how cold, dense or volatile it is. The company enjoys a well-deserved reputation for such an important contribution to the industry, and most agree that these days, almost nobody remembers the embarrassment of their recall of the FTX-1 series, which had a small but highly problematic issue, that while it did pump fluids flawlessly, it pumped them in the wrong direction.