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Agency logo from version 0.24

Probodobodyne Inc. is a spacecraft parts manufacturer and agency who mostly produces small parts for use in probes or rovers, hence the name. All sensory equipment is supplied by Probodobodyne Inc.

Probodobodyne was at one point one of the leading (and few) names in the industry. Over the years though, the company has fallen behind the times somewhat, but they continue to maintain their philosophy that space exploration should be the privilege of the few who can overcome the challenges of conquering it, with minimal technological assistance. Their products reflect that pragmatic and arguably obsolete outlook, even in spite of the many newer companies that are coming up around them with alternatives that make space travel far more accessible than it was back in the "early days". Despite all this, the company has retained a small but loyal following of hardcore fans, who live by their vision of a very selective industry, populated only by the very best astronauts and engineers.

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