Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port Sr.

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This is a port used for docking of two spacecrafts. Due to its large radius it provides a much more rigid connection than the small-sized Clamp-o-tron Docking Port resulting in a lot less wobble. This makes it the preferred choice for docking very large and heavy vessels. Otherwise it is functionally identical to all other docking ports, but a lot heavier than them.

Note that in order to dock two spacecrafts, both must be equipped with docking ports of equal size. When constructing a spacecraft, another part which is not a docking port can be placed on it. That part can then be undocked, but not redocked.


The Clamp-O-Tron Sr. is the result of intense and costly development to answer the problem of how to make docking connections more sturdy. Thanks to the brilliant suggestion of the staff janitor "why don't you make 'em bigger?", the public now can enjoy the sheer thrill of docking enormous objects in space.



  • Initial Release