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Mission Control with the first contract opened

A contract is a request by a manufacturer to test their hardware under specific conditions which was added in version 0.24[outdated] for career mode. The first contracts are predefined[1] but they transition to randomly created contracts. They are then based on templates where only the specific properties need to be set.

Accepting a contract is optional but there will be rewards if the contract was successfully finished and penalties for failures. Contracts will reward science, in game currency and reputation if successful. Failing a mission will cause loss of in game currency. Multiple contracts can be activated at the same time but some have deadlines. Multiple contracts can be completed by the same craft.[1] Their difficulty ranges from trivial tasks to exceptionally difficult missions.[2]

A kerbonaut spawned stranded in orbit by a contract

Some contracts generate a specific situation, like a stranded kerbonaut, which will be generated as soon as the contract is accepted. Objects spawned by contracts can't be controlled until a craft is within 2.5 km of the object by pressing [ to switch between nearby craft.[3]


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