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The converter is a special part able to create usable fuel for everyday use from exploited raw-material (which is now means ore only). This feature makes these parts an inevitable final element of the fuel producing activities start with resource scanning, continue with resource harvesting.

The converters work with different efficiency depending on the type, but the conversion always needs vast amount of electric charge.


For the conversion a non-empty ore tank and a proper not-full fuel tank have to be connected to the converter. There are the following options possible:

  • Start/Stop ISRU [Lf+Ox] - converts to liquid fuel and oxidizer in ratio of the need of the liquid fuel engines.
  • Start/Stop ISRU [Monoprop] - converts to monopropellant.
  • Start/Stop ISRU [LqdFuel] - converts to liquid fuel.
  • Start/Stop ISRU [Ox] - converts to oxidizer.

During the conversion of the core temperature increases till it reaches its thermodynamical balance - and the conversion efficiency depends on the core temperature. The attached radiators can be used for dissipate the produced heat for keeping the core temperature around the optimal value.

Converters available

Image Part Radial size Cost
Max. Temp.
Convert-O-Tron 125.png
Convert-O-Tron 125 Small 1 000 1.25 2 000 7 50 30
ISRU Converter.png
Convert-O-Tron 250 Large 8 000 4.25 2 000 7 50 30