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The debug toolbar open with the tab “Cheats”

The Debug Toolbar is a window designed for testing and debugging purposes. It can however also be used by the average player to ease gameplay, cheat or “goof off”.

With Mod+F12 the toolbar can be opened. It has four sections: Cheats, Debug, Database and Progress.


This section contains multiple checkboxes and buttons used to ease gameplay or debugging in cheaty ways.

Always available

These options are available at any time, however they may not always have an effect.

  • Show/Hide Input Lock Stack: Shows or hides a list showing if a certain type of input is locked and why, for example when staging has been locked with Mod+L.
  • Pause on vessel unpack: Currently does not have any effect.
  • Unbreakable Joints: When active, connections between parts cannot break.
  • No Crash Damage: When active, parts cannot be destroyed by crashing into each other or anything else. They can however still be destroyed by other means, such as overheating.
  • Infinite Fuel: When active, parts that require liquid fuel, oxidizer, solid fuel, xenon gas or intake air will run without consuming and requiring the resource.
  • Infinite RCS: When active, parts that require monopropellant will run without consuming and requiring the resource.
  • Infinite EVA Fuel: When active, the jetpack of a kerbonaut on EVA will work without consuming and requiring the resource.
  • Allow Part Clipping in Editors: When active, the editor will not check if a newly placed part would collide with existing ones, hence allowing intersecting parts ("clipping").
  • Biomes visble in map: When active, the biomes are indicated with various colors in map view and in the GUI of the Tracking Station.

Only available during flight

These options are only shown during a flight.

  • Show/Hide Flight Debug Stats: Shows or hides some stats in the top right corner of the game.
    • UT: Internal game time.
    • Physics Time Ratio: Internal time warp speed.
    • Lat: Latitude relative to currently orbited body.
    • Lon: Longitude relative to currently orbited body.
    • Ref Body: The body in whose sphere of influence the craft currently is. The mapping is the same as in ORBIT definition.
    • Frame of Reference: Meaning unknown.
    • Vfrm: Meaning unknown.
    • Ext Temp: Exterior temperature at the craft's position. Equal to the reading of a 2HOT Thermometer.
  • Hack/Unhack Gravity: When enabled, reduces the gravity of all celestials greatly.
  • Show/Hide Whack A Kerbal: Shows or hides a second window which can be used to create abstract bodies. When the third mouse button (usually the middle mouse button or scroll wheel) is pressed, a body with the selected properties will be created at the position of the mouse cursor.
    • Object Type: The kind of body that will be created. Available options: Sphere, Capsule, Cylinder, Cube, and Plane; default Sphere.
    • Object Mass: The body's mass. Can be any number between 1.0 and 100.0, default 15.0.
    • Object Size: The body's size. Can be any number between 0.1 and 10.0, default 0.6.
    • Speed: The body's initial velocity. Can be any number between 1.0 and 100.0, default 30.0.
Setting all these to max will destroy anything and spamming them will create lag and possibly crash the game. It can be used for testing the strength of a vessel.

"Hidden" Cheats

To access, when on the cheats menu, holding Mod+F12 for 5 seconds will bring up some extra options inside the current cheat menu (This works in the KSP menu (where the player can access the buildings)). These options can be used to give funds, science, reputation, etc.

Gameplay Tweaks

With version 0.24 the Debug Toolbar gets a new tab Gameplay Tweaks. With the options there it is possible to disable features which decrease the difficulty and were available before. Those features include stock craft in career mode, respawning of lost crew member, reverting, quicksaves and quickloads.

It is also possible to ignore agency mindsets on contracts.[1]


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