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Dres is the fifth planet[1] of the Kerbol star system. It is located between Duna and Jool in a somewhat eccentric and inclined orbit. It is considered to be the Ceres analog for the game. It is similar to Moho and Eeloo in that it has no atmosphere and no natural satellites. Dres has the least gravity of any planet in the Kerbol system. While it is classified as a dwarf planet by the developers, it currently meets the I.A.U.'s definition of a planet.

In-game Description

Dres is a very small planet. It was the first planet considered to be a dwarf. Its orbit is highly irregular and together with its size it took a long time to discover since half the time it was not where scientists expected to find a planet.

Due to its nature of frequenting the bad parts of space. This dwarf planet was officially labeled as Not to be trusted by the scientific community.

Kerbal Astronomical Society


The surface of Dres appears light grey and is rocky and uneven, similar to that of Mün, with a surface covered in regolith rubble. Unlike the Mun, Dres has large patches of what appear to be ice. The highest points are just under 5.7 km in altitude. One notable geographic feature is a canyon just south of the equator which is several kilometers deep.


The surface of Dres has several craters, but unlike other planetary bodies, none are very prominent with the largest being slightly under 13 km in diameter.

In total 42 craters have been positively identified with another 5 still waiting for confirmation. The spreading of the craters is biased to the western (and in particular Northwestern) hemisphere of Dres.

Quadrant No. of craters (%) No. of Craters
North-East 19.0% 8
South-East 7.5% 4
North-West 42.9% 18
South-West 28.6% 12
Total 100% 42

Reference Frames

Time warp Minimum Altitude
5× 10 000 m
10× 10 000 m
50× 30 000 m
100× 50 000 m
1 000× 100 000 m
10 000× 200 000 m
100 000× 300 000 m


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  • Initial Release


  1. According to the IAU definition of planet,

    A planet is a celestial body which:

    1. Is in orbit around the Sun,
    2. Has sufficient mass to assume hydrostatic equilibrium (a nearly round shape), and
    3. Has "cleared the neighbourhood" around its orbit.

    Dres, a celestial body, orbits Kerbol, has a nearly spherical shape, and has cleared its neighborhood of debris. It is most likely defined as a dwarf planet by the developers who have announced plans to place an asteroid belt near Dres in later versions.