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Template:Planetbox Dres is a Dwarf Planet released in version 0.18. It is located between Duna and Jool, in a somewhat eccentric and inclined orbit. It is considered to be the Ceres analog of the Kerbolar system. The surface of Dres is pale white and very rocky and uneven, similar to the surface of the Mun. Unlike the Mun, there are large patches of what appear to be ice.


The surface of Dres is similar to that of Mün in a surface covered in regolith rubble. One notable feature is a several kilometers deep canyon.

Reference Frames

Rotational/Inertial transition: ? m

Warp Minimum Altitude
1x 0 m
5x 10,000 m
10x 10,000 m
50x 30,000 m
100x 50,000 m
1,000x 100,000 m
10,000x 200,000 m
100,000x 300,000 m



  • Initial Release