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{{Celestial Bodies}}
{{Celestial Bodies}}
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[[Category:Dwarf planets]]
[[Category:Dwarf planets]]

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Eeloo is a dwarf planet that was released in version 0.18.2 as a Christmas gift to the KSP community. It is the seventh and farthest planet from Kerbol most of the time, though its orbit intersects Jool's, passing in front of it for a minority of its revolution period. The two planets are locked in a 3:2 resonance, which, coupled with their different inclinations, ensures they cannot collide.

Eeloo has just 3.5% more gravity than the Mun and is very similar in size. Like the Mun, it has no atmosphere. The physical characteristics of Eeloo are most likely an analogue of the ice moon Europa, and its orbit is similar to that of Pluto, though both bodies are known to have a tenuous atmosphere.


The surface of Eeloo is relatively smooth and covered in gray-white ice, with deep canyons exposing the brownish rock below. A few craters are visible, but not nearly as one might expect for a body without an atmosphere. Its highest points are near the equator and are almost 3.9 km high, while the lower areas can go lower than sea level.

Eeloo's surface lacks ground scatter.


Eeloo's far and large orbit, in addition to its low gravity, make encounters challenging. Its distance from Kerbin also tends to make missions very lengthy.

A synchronous orbit around Eeloo is possible, at an altitude of ~683.9 km.


Using the Remote Tech plugin, path lengths from Kerbin can reach up to around 127 Gm (127 billion meters), resulting in a round trip delay longer than 14 minutes. Even at the closest approach, the communication delay is more than 6 minutes.


There are plans for Eeloo to become the moon of a second gas planet and have an active surface, with cryovolcanic phenomena.[1][2] It is unknown what Eeloo's parent planet will look like, but according to NovaSilisko Eeloo will be the innermost moon of three other major moons.[2]

Reference Frames

Time warp Minimum Altitude
5× 4 000 m
10× 4 000 m
50× 20 000 m
100× 30 000 m
1 000× 40 000 m
10 000× 70 000 m
100 000× 150 000 m



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