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Standard Control Surface/Box

The Standard Control Surface is a part that generates lift and also deflects to alter a craft's center of lift to help control aerodynamic flight within an atmosphere.

Product description

Made of the finest materials at hand, these flight surfaces are guaranteed to operate while attached to the craft. However studies have shown that a lack of atmosphere *may* slightly impede function. No refunds.


The primary purpose of the Standard Control Surface is aerodynamic steering, tilting in response to pitch, yaw, and roll commands during flight. They are normally attached to the trailing edge of a wing. They generate a small amount of lift, causing a small but noticeable impact on positioning the center of lift which must be considered when balancing added control with overall aerodynamics.

Since version 0.23 it is possible through tweakables to dictate which commands it is “Active” in. As relative positioning of a control surface on an aircraft impacts usefulness for each command, this can ensure control surfaces aren't splitting the difference between its most effective use and a less effective one.

Though some players may consider it cheating, control surfaces can be spammed arbitrarily to locations on a craft to shift its center of lift as desired, even if it would not realistically be exposed to airflow. To prevent odd steering behavior, these spammed control surfaces may be set “Inactive” for pitch, yaw, and roll.


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