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Eve as seen from orbit.
Planet of Kerbol
Orbital Characteristics
Semi-major axis 9 832 684 544 m [Note 1]
Apoapsis 9 931 011 387 m [Note 1]
Periapsis 9 734 357 701 m [Note 1]
Orbital eccentricity 0.01
Orbital inclination 2.1 °
Argument of periapsis 0 °
Longitude of the ascending node 15 °
Mean anomaly 3.14 rad (at 0s UT)
Sidereal orbital period 5 657 995 s
261 d 5 h 39 m 55.1 s
Synodic orbital period 14 687 035.5 s
Orbital velocity 10 811 - 11 029 m/s
Physical Characteristics
Equatorial radius 700 000 m
Equatorial circumference 4 398 230 m
Surface area 6.1575216×1012 m2
Mass 1.2243980×1023 kg
Standard gravitational parameter 8.1717302×1012 m3/s2
Density 85 219.677 kg/m3
Surface gravity 16.7 m/s2 (1.701 g)
Escape velocity 4 831.96 m/s
Sidereal rotation period 80 500.000 s
3 d 4 h 21 m 40 s
Solar day 81 661.857 s
3 d 4 h 41 m 1.9 s
Sidereal rotational velocity 54.636 m/s
Synchronous orbit 10 328.47 km
Sphere of influence 85 109 365 m [Note 1]
Atmospheric Characteristics
Atmosphere present Yes
Atmospheric pressure 506.625 kPa
5 atm
Atmospheric height 90 000 m
5.0×10-6 atm
Temperaturemin -113.13 °C 160.02 K
Temperaturemax 146.85 °C 420 K
Oxygen present No
Scientific multiplier
Surface 8
Splashed 8
Lower atmosphere 6
Upper atmosphere 6
Near space 7
Outer space 5
Recovery 5

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 The distances are given from the body's center, not from the surface (unlike ingame)

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