Extra-Vehicular Activity

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A dev picture of a Kerbal performing E.V.A

An Extra Vehicular Activity or EVA is when your Kerbals trust their lives to the chewing gum, duck tape, and prayers that comprise their (mostly) airtight suit, and exit the capsule to go enjoy a space walk.

To start an EVA either right click on the capsule, or mouse over the images in the lower right corner. To re-enter your capsule, get close to the door and press F.

The Kerbals can navigate outside their spacecraft by moving on ladders, the ground, or activating their personal RCS system. The RCS system has limited fuel, with a of ~520 m/s which is enough to escape lightest celestial bodies such as Gilly. Their EVA packs also refuel when entering a pod.

Kerbals mass 0.03125 tonnes on EVA, but are massless when in a command pod.[[1]]


If you use the Debug cheat "Infinite EVA fuel" it is possible to get to the mun and back by launching a rocket to an orbit as if trying to land on the mun and sending brave Jeb or some of the other losernauts on EVA and jetpacking...but this method can take much longer then the preferred method.

It would appear that jetpacking is only possible on bodies with less than 3 m/s2 surface gravity, which rules out Kerbin, Eve, and Tylo. The heaviest planet on which jetpacking is currently possible is Duna, although this can only be achieved with unidirectional thrust.


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