Extra-Vehicular Activity

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A dev picture of a Kerbal performing E.V.A

An Extra Vehicular Activity or EVA is when your Kerbals trust their lives to the chewing gum, duct tape, and prayers that comprise their (mostly) airtight suit, and exit the capsule to go enjoy a space walk.

To start an EVA, go to the exterior (default) view of a manned spacecraft, then either left click on the capsule door, or mouse over the images in the lower right corner and press the EVA button. To re-enter your capsule, get close to the door and press F. The Kerbals can navigate outside their spacecraft by moving on ladders, walking on the ground, or using their personal RCS jetpacks. These EVA packs have limited RCS fuel but are refuelled completely when entering a command pod. A full pack provides over 600m/s of Δv.


EVAs are useful for exploring the proximity of a craft without having to move said craft itself. In addition, Kerbals on EVA can carry out a number of useful actions:

  • They can repack a previously deployed nearby parachute for another deployment (Right-click on parachute -> Repack Chute).
  • They can fix nearby broken rover wheels (Right-click on wheel -> Repair Wheel). This of course only works as long as the wheel is not completely destroyed.
  • They can extend or retract nearby solar panels (Right-click on panel -> Extend Panel/Retract Panel), even if said panel is on an otherwise controllable vessel, e.g. a probe that ran out of power.
  • They can plant a flag at their current position (Right-click on Kerbal -> Plant Flag). This is only possible when the kerbal stands on solid ground. Each kerbal only has a single flag to plant.


When in EVA mode, press ‘R’ (default) to activate the RCS jetpack. Use the WASD keys to translate across the horizontal plane, and use ‘shift’ and ‘control’ to ascend and descend respectively. Press the F key to interact with ladders or capsules, and space to let go of ladders or jump (when walking on the ground). Shift will also let your Kerbals run when walking around. 'L' will activate the EVA suit's built-in headlamps


According to the Kerbal Knowledge Base, a Kerbal with an EVA suit weighs 0.09 tonnes. Kerbals are however massless when in a command pod.

If you use the Debug cheat “Infinite EVA fuel” it is possible to get to the mun and back by launching a rocket to an orbit as if trying to land on the mun and sending brave Jeb or some of the other astronauts on EVA and jetpacking...but this method can take much longer then the preferred method.

It would appear that jetpacking is only possible on bodies with less than 3 m/s2 surface gravity, which rules out Kerbin, Eve, Laythe, Tylo and Moho. The heaviest planet on which jetpacking is currently possible is Duna, although this can only be achieved with unidirectional thrust.

As of 0.19.1, EVA is the only way to transfer a Kerbal from a spacecraft to another one.



  • Overhauled the Kerbal Face Expression System with new animations, which are also visible on EVA.
  • Fixed the EVA map icons not showing.
  • Fixed EVA light orientations.
  • Boarding a vessel from EVA no longer toggles the SAS on the vessel.
0.18.3 (Demo)
  • Fixed EVA light orientations.
  • Boarding a vessel from EVA no longer toggles the vessel's SAS state.
  • The Q and E keys can now be used to control yaw with the EVA Jetpack
  • Added a game setting to disable the automatic orientation when pressing any of the WSAD keys while jetpacking on EVA.
  • Implemented dynamic walk cycle blending for EVA Kerbals under G levels between 0.17 and 1G
  • Initial Release
  • Added key and axis bindings for EVA controls. Reorganized the Input Settings screen a little.
  • Added 1:1 EVA rotation axes. Using them disables the automatic orientation system.
  • Added separate control bindings for walking and jetpacking on EVAs.