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These are a list of frequently-asked questions about KSP.

Please feel free to add to it or update it.


This section was originally on User:Senamic, but has been merged into this article for consistency.

Where can I find Kerbal Space Program?

The main website can be found here. Available at the main website are the demo and full versions.

What are the differences between the demo version and the full version?

The demo is a freeware release and as such is missing a lot of content that has been added since. The demo version gives you solid boosters, some liquid booster parts, some assorted parts including landing legs and winglets, Kerbin, Kerbol and the Mun. It lacks several features though, current notable ones are mod suppor, a working Spaceplane Hangar, multiple stock parts, a full solar system, docking, space stations and so much more. Use the demo version to get an idea of what the game is like, but don't forget that the full game has so much more for a good price too. Trust me. Its worth it!

What features are planned?

See the Planned Features list.


Why is my page edit being blocked?

In order to curb spam, the Kerbal Space Program wiki has a spam blacklisting system. If a page edit has any blacklisted terms, you will be unable to post that edit.


What are the recommended system specifications?

Please see the page System Specs

Broken download

If you get a problem like "Corrupted archive", this means something went wrong with your download. Try the following:

  • Disable all download managers. These programs are notorious for messing up downloads.
  • Clear your browser's cache or temporary files.
  • Try another browser.

You can verify your downloads by comparing the checksums. Usually downloading again works if these options fail.

Can't load spacecraft

  • Updates can and will break .craft-Files. Make sure that you use the same version as the person who sent you the file!
  • Make sure that you have all addons installed that are needed for the craft. You can get them in the forums or on the official Kerbal SpacePort
  • Make sure your KSP installation hasn't be damaged by applying addons. Try reinstalling KSP if nothing else helps.
  • TIP: Always backup (Copy and move to a new folder) your ships and save files to prevent loss

Gameplay related

Is there a list of key bindings?

Yes. Please see Key Bindings.

How do I get things into orbit/land on a planet?

See our Tutorials for more info.

Can I change the order of the stages?

Yes, just drag the stage or the part where you want. As of 0.18, you can now do this in flight as well as in the VAB.

Why do parts of my rocket fall when I launch it?

Check the stats of the parts, you can't attach more then a specific weight on each part.

Can I toggle the S.A.S Module?

Yes, you have two options...

  • Press 'T' to toggle/switch S.A.S. on or off
  • Press 'F' for momentary correction/stabilization (activates only for as long as you hold the 'F' key down)

What's the difference between S.A.S and Advanced S.A.S?

S.A.S. is reaction wheel based rotation control system, that applies torque to the ship (multiple S.A.S. Modules' effects stack). Advanced S.A.S. (A.S.A.S.) is navigational computer that does not apply any forces itself, but uses other ship control systems (aerodynamic Control Surfaces, R.C.S., and gimbaling engines) to maintain the ship's attitude. Only 1 A.S.A.S. module per ship is effective, its performance depends on amount and positioning of the control surfaces and R.C.S.

How do I use RCS?

See RCS for the basics.

  • TIP: On smaller orbital modules RCS can be used instead of liquid engines (don't forget to take enough RCS fuel!) Normally RCS is only used for orbital and landing procedures and to correct heading, not during take off or while in the Kerbin Atmosphere.

Can I take screenshots of the game?

Yes! With the function key F1 you'll take a screenshot of the current scene. The screenshots will be saved in a folder called "Screenshots" that is located in your root folder of KSP.

  • TIP: Toggle the UI with F2 to take cinematic style pictures!

How do I transfer fuel between tanks?

Hold Alt and Right click the two tanks. You can then click In or Out on either tank to specify the direction of fuel flow. Note that on the linux version, this key has been remapped to the Right Shift key.

Development Related

What happened to Experimental Releases?

In order to improve quality, Squad has created an internal team of community members hand-picked for their ability to post useful bug reports. Experimental releases are now only available to this team.

How can I join the Experimental team?

Community members are chosen by Squad, so one cannot join the team by asking. Having a knack for posting informative, clear bug reports with reproduction steps, logs, version of the game, etc. will definitely help your chances, though.

I think I've found a bug!

In a piece of software so early in development as KSP, it's very likely there will be bugs in the program. If you've found something that can potentially be a bug, you can report it to the dev team on the development forums. To make your report easier to identify as a bug, please follow the Guidelines to Bug Reporting, and please check to see if there aren't other posts about the same issue already.