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Внешняя топливная линия "FTX-2" (англ. "FTX-2 External Fuel Duct") - Топливный шланг. используется для передачи топлива во внешние (боковые) баки. Он позволяет топливу быть переданным от внешних (установленных по сторонам) баков или баков на последующих ступенях. В настоящее время он невесом и не создает аэродинамического сопротивления, несмотря на значения в файле CFG.


The FTX-2 allows fuel not directly connected to an engine to be used. The line must be first connected to the source for the fuel then to the destination of the fuel. If an engine is connected directly to fuel tanks by a fuel line, the tanks connected by fuel line will be prioritized.

Any part connected to a fuel line will allow fuel flow, even if fuelCrossFeed = False in its CFG file. The FTX-2's links provide additional strength and stability, somewhat like the EAS-4 Strut Connector.

Fuel lines are a vital part in asparagus staging designs.

Описание модуля

« New breakthroughs at FLOOYD Dynamics have made the FTX Fuel Duct a reality. Although criticized by some as being no more than 'a sewage pipe painted yellow', most agree that the yellow is a relatively nice color, and that fuel lines are indeed able to pump fuel from side-mounted fuel tanks. After the recall of the FTX-1 series, All FTX-2 lines have arrows painted on to indicate the fuel flow direction, so engineers can tell which way around they are supposed to go.

— 'FLOOYD Dynamics Research Labs'



  • Изменено направление передачи, теперь топливо перетекает от первой точки присоединения ко второй точке присоединения линии.
  • Первоначальная публикация.