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This is a list of predefined FX definitions for use in part.cfg files. They can be used in two ways:

  1. For parts which use ModuleEngines (e.g. most stock rocket engines, older mod engines), an FX definition has a position and orientation, and can be "attached" to various engine events (e.g. engage, running, disengage, flameout). See the RT-5 booster configuration for an example of this kind of usage.
  2. For parts which use ModuleEnginesFX (e.g. most stock jet engines, newer mod engines), an EFFECTS{} node has sub-nodes for those engine events, and those sub-nodes in turn may have PREFAB_PARTICLE{} nodes which include a "prefabName" from from the following list (as well as orientation, speed, and other control parameters). See the Kickback booster configuration for an example of this type of usage.
  • fx_exhaustFlame_blue
  • fx_exhaustFlame_blue_small
  • fx_exhaustFlame_white_tiny
  • fx_exhaustFlame_yellow
  • fx_exhaustFlame_yellow_small
  • fx_exhaustFlame_yellow_tiny
  • fx_exhaustLight_blue
  • fx_exhaustLight_yellow
  • fx_exhaustSparks_flameout
  • fx_exhaustSparks_yellow
  • fx_gasBurst_white
  • fx_gasJet_tiny
  • fx_gasJet_white
  • fx_smokeTrail_light
  • fx_smokeTrail_medium