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So you want to make a GUI in your KSP, with buttons and sliders and all that fun stuff? Well this page isn't going to help you at the moment, but it would be nice if people who are experts filled it out.

Chosing a GUI System

Stock KSP itself uses three systems![1]

  • Unity's OnGUI code-driven UI
  • EzGUI
  • SSUI system

In 1.0.3, they are migrating over to yet another GUI system, the Unity 5 Canvas-based GUI system, which is built in the Unity editor as a GameObject, instead of in code. This may be the same GUI system introduced in 4.6? (These systems would be easier to talk about if the Unity people gave them names.)

So what's a developer to use? Please edit this page if you have any insight!

Toolbar Systems

There are the following:

  • Stock, the upper right side (in flight)
  • Stock, the lower right side (in editors)
  • Mod, Toolbar API by blizzy78

Toolbars can be dependent on Scene (e.g. it shows in flight but not the VAB).

Loading Textures for your toolbar

How do you do this? Every tutorial focuses on parts mods.